Google Home/Assistant Integration



@WyzeGwendolyn Thank you!!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


Glad to hear this is in the works! I am very satisfied with the Wyze cam v2 so far but would love to have notifications pushed to my Google Home. Don’t need live streams, just looking to get Google Home to announce that a Wyze cam detected activity.

Will keep checking in on the status. Keep up the good work!


Can’t wait! :smiley:


Is there any update regarding this request?


This is the lastest update about integration.


Is there a planned time frame for Google Home Hub integration? This seems like a perfect use for a Google Home Hub, especially when using Wyze cams in a Nursery.


Moved your topic to the thread pertaining to your question. so you could VOTE on the topic, if you wish. :slight_smile:


Would love to use my Lenovo Smart Display to view my Wyze cams-- - which is basically comparable to the Google Home Hub - only that it has a larger screen 10" and as far as I am concerned better speakers. Is fully integrated in the googgle ECO system. I have it work with a couple of Arlo Pro 2 that I have outside the house where I don’t have power.


I find my Wyze camera quite useful. It will be even more so with Google Assistant integration. (sooner better than later!)


Awesome!!! I can’t wait, love my Cams!


Yes. End of Q1 2019 if everything goes as planned. Please note that there is a timeout that is set so it cannot be use continuously.


Thank you. Is this a limit set by Wyze or Google?


if it is the same as alexa it is a limit enforced by wyze because it runs on their servers and time = money for them


I can use tinycam indefinitely, because it goes straight from the cam to the phone, but it sounds like the Google Home stream has to hit their servers? That sucks.


I would like to see this feature in the Wyze Cam app. You can Chromecast with Tinycam pro so I’m guessing that there it should be a way to do integrate this in the app without any third party apps.


I’m pretty excited to about the possibility of Google integration, but mostly impressed with Wyze being pretty up front with information and replies to their customers. Not like some of these other camera manufacturers that ignore their customers and keep them in the dark about future updates or lack thereof. I will be buying at least two more cameras but not until I know if I can be able to view on my Google home hub. But that might NOT even be a deal breaker, the camera is still pretty amazing for the price. So if Google support doesn’t happen I guess it’ll be okay. But if it does… OMG! It would truly be amazing. Please keep the updates coming.


looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


Just waiting for Google integration! Would love t be able to directly cast the feed to the TVs without screen mirroring which I do now. And would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to just tell Google Assistant to turn on and stream the live feed from Google Home Hub.


I’m surprised it seems no one has yet mentioned the Nvidia Shield. It has native Google Assistant.

Engineers: Please make sure to test with the Nvidia Shield too! :slight_smile:

The three most common use cases with Google Assistant:

  1. Directly asking for and showing the feed on a Google Home Hub (or similar, like Lenovo Smart Display)
  2. Asking for the video feed from a Google Home (or similar, like Insignia Smart Speaker) which then will cast to a Chromecast or Android TV device (default or by name)
  3. Directly asking for and showing the feed on an Android TV (like Nvidia Shield).