Google Home/Assistant Integration



Appreciate your hard work on this, this feature would help IMMENSELY! Being able to be in the kitchen and see my front door or the kids room is exactly what’s needed. We own 5 Wyze cams and will be getting more.
This would definitely bring it home and would be a selling point to pretty much anyone that walks into one of our homes and sees it work. Talk about free advertising, I know everyone would show this off!


Thank for the development update and the detail explanation of the work to be done. The news can’t come at a better time while you guys are running the 3 pack special. I will pick up a pack if I don’t get them as my Xmas gift. I just wish there is a multi pack special for the CamPam…


Thanks very much. Look forward to hearing more news on this. :slight_smile:


given the requirements for display via chromecast which means creating a stream and url to push to the chromecast device/google home display, I hope that will open the door to easier access in home to the video feed for things like Home Assistant. my understanding of chromecast is the stream has to be sent in one of these formats: ‘HLS’, ‘DASH’, “Smooth Streaming”, “Progressive MP4”


You may have found this already but I figured I would make sure you have it.


Yes. I also have access to unpublished documentation.

The traits mentioned is linked to the camera streaming and for that I think we are covered. But for example, the camera type does not define two way audio as a capability. That I’m not sure if this is something that can be added to our definition of the camera for Google Assistant or not.


We are looking at using HLS. Because this is the same format that is being used by Apple so that might give us an edge for implementing support for HomeKit.
Unfortunately, it will not open up an easier consumption at the “protocol levels” since the encoding is not done in the camera or in the home network. For the moment, you will have to rely on Alexa or Google Assistant/ChromeCast for the streaming.


Chromecast, Google home app, and more accurate assistant recognition results. Plus the whole anti-competitive nature of Amazon.


This is totally possible now - why wait? If you have an Android device, download TinyCamPro - I highly recommend paying for the Pro version. Add your Wyze camera and you can cast to any chromecast including your Google Home Hub. Simple and easy and works today. You still need the Wyze app for notifications and playback of recordings on the memory card - but there is quite a bit you can do with TinyCamPro and it supports virtually every camera.


Tinycams works, but it does unfortunately not enable the coveted “Hey google, show me my front door camera”, after which it would show it on the Home Hub or Chromecast.
That’s where the magic is.


That’s great. It’s already a 1st step and adding a lot value. Do you know how to do it on Lenovo Smart Display?


Didn’t they mention in reddit it took them 6 months to implement Alexa? So it’ll take similar amount of time to get Google Assistant


Alex the TinyCam developer indicates he is working on the magic so we should have that soon.


Can’t wait, Thank you for working on it!


Any updates on Google Home intergration ?

I love what others have done. This is quickly becoming par for the course.

Wyze support for Google Home?

I would love to hear more about this as well. I’ve been very pleased with these products, but the lack of Google integration makes me wonder if they’re the best choice.

Especially after Google’s keynote last week, I would love to see my Wyze cams show up in the Google home app along with all the other smart tech.


I’m loving my new Wyze cameras, but Google Home integration would be amazing. I use Google Home for the rest of my smart home devices and right now the Wyze cameras feel like the odd duck out.

Thanks for making such a nice little camera!


Please please please make this happen!


Its my opinion that the basic audio and video is the priority for this integration. 2-way audio is a nice to have but I am not even sure if Nest/Home Hub has the ability to do 2-way audio. I will check later when I am home.


I just voted too, I have google echo system with multiple chromecasts and smart displays and have a wyze cam, i’m just waiting for the integration to be done so i can upgrade all my house cams to wyze cam. currently using meshare cams because they support google assistant but i don’t like their cloud services,

is there any beta access to try the integration with google?