Google Home/Assistant Integration


Not a fan boy. Not even a boy. You are way off with narrow assumptions. Whatever.


So in the meantime, could we add more people to Beta Tester Group for Google home/Assistant? :slight_smile:

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We can try. DM me the identifier of your google home account. Because I don’t know how many people would DM me and for the moment I rather spend my time on getting Google Home Integration out for the camera and for another device, I can’t promise how fast I can actually do the invites.


Please elaborate the standards we are not withholding. I would like to know which software company or brand you are referring to.

I’ve been working with a lot of “reputable” companies, It is exactly the same at Wyze. Ask any of the PMs at Wyze and you will see that I’m stickler for the dates but when it’s not ready, it’s not ready.
The difference with Wyze and a lot of “reputable” software company is that we are trying to be more transparent and are more willing to communicate when something is not going as planned versus not saying anything about roadmap and then dropping a feature when no one is expecting it.

The other thing is, anyone versed in project management would tell you that out of timeline, quality and scope, you can control only 2 of the 3. The quality is not negotiable, it has to be high quality (no release with choppy audio), no scope change (has to work with Google Home on Hub and Chromecast) so we have only one dimension to adjust: time.


Like transparency! Keep going.


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Hey, folks. We understand that it’s frustrating that the integration isn’t ready yet but, as WyzeFrederik said, we’re doing our best to be transparent about what’s going on and letting our community know the status. We have all been on the receiving end of missed deadlines with zero information provided and it isn’t fun. We wouldn’t want to do that to our community.

We’ll have the integration out as soon as we can but we need to make sure that it’s a quality feature. How disappointing would it be to have the integration finally release but be unusable? However, we understand that we have missed the originally promised deadline and that this may not work for the timelines that some people are operating on. We apologize for that and will understand if you do not have time to wait for the completed integration. In that case, we hope that you find a product that better fits your needs. :slight_smile:


Well said :+1:t2:


Thank you! :blush:


How can I dm you my email so I can be put in for beta testing


Your account may be too recent for you to send messages first. I can adjust your settings for that real quick. In a couple of minutes, click on his username and see if you see something like this pop up:


Do i need to do anything to get the new feed? because it’s not working right now…


For me I would like to have it just for the video, the sound is not important, I mean I already not enabling the sound on the wyze app itself, also it’s a known issue for these products that other brands did use, the sound is not working and the account link always get brocken with Google, I loved the wyze brand for it’s privacy, security, being in US and having SD card in it.

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Happy and patient. Doing it well is important.

Thank you.


This solved the issue. I’ve been following this thread for a while but never made an account. Thank you for your assistance

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Can anyone tag the link to the instructions once you have been added to the beta testing program for Google home hub? Thank you


Here are the instructions (from 3/12) for Wyze beta testing with Google Assistant:

  1. Look for an email from Google with the following title:
    “Invitation to join Google Assistant Beta Group”
    Accept the invitation.
  2. If you do not already have the Google Assistant app, go to your app store to install the application and then launch it.
  3. Then go to the following link:…/wyze-…/simulatorcreate…
    and click on the link to enable the simulator.
    Note that this step is not required for everybody so if you are not presented the option then move forward.
  4. In the Google Assistant app, click on Account at the top right corner. (Photo 1)
  5. Then select the Assistant tab and go to the Home Control entry. (Photo 2)
  6. Select Devices and hit the + button at the bottom right corner to add the devices. (Photo 3)
  7. Select “[test] Wyze Home”. It should be at the top of the page. (Photo 4)
    Note: If you are not seeing “[test] Wyze Home”, then go to the Step 3 and make sure that you enable the simulator.
  8. This will bring up the Wyze authentication panel. Input your Wyze username and password to sign in. (Photo 5)
  9. Accept the permission to share the Wyze device list with Google. (Photo 6)
  10. Google will present the list of devices you have available and will allow you to assign them to a room. It’s optional and you can perform this operation by clicking on the pencil on the same row than the device on the right side.
    Once completed, push the Done button at the top right corner. (Photo 7)
  11. The setup will now be complete. Press, “GOT IT” to dismiss this screen. (Photo 8)
  12. Back out of the Add devices page by selecting the back button at the top left corner. (Photo 9)
  13. Back out of the Home control screen using the same arrow. (Photo 10)
  14. Push the voice assistant button at the bottom of the screen and provide your command.
    You can say something like, “Show <Camera Name> on <Chromecast Name>.” (Photo 11)

Known Bugs (as of 3/12, before switch to MPEG DASH):

  • We had to disable the audio part of the video to start. We are hoping to re-enable it by the end of the week but it might take longer.
  • Once in a while Google Home will say “stream is not available to ALL the cameras”. If this is happening, you need to unlink the account and relink it. We are looking into fixing that issue.
  • The latency is about 15s. We are looking to see if we can reduce it but there is no guarantee for the moment that this could be achieved.
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“the latency is about 15 seconds”
Oof that is not good at all
Is this because of the MPEG dash protocol?
I am not fully understanding the roadmap here either

Let me know if i have this right
You will releasing GA intergration with sound at first now but it will be based on MPEG DASH but this will only be a temporary situation until you can perfect the stream with HLS and then you will scrap the MPEG DASH protocol altogether and replace it with HLS with audio instead because it is lower latency?
But this will not be in the short term?