Google Home/Assistant Integration


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So, hopefully we’ll see the option soon! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

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I just ordered a second wyzecam based on getting Google compatibility. I got my first camera yesterday and it worked so well I went ahead and ordered the second one today. I have been waiting for this to happen. Pretty excited about it. I have a bunch of Google assistant devices. Can’t wait to see it on my Hub and Lenovo 10 " screens.

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Is there any update on Google home integration. I have the cameras and my Google home sitting there just waiting to link them. I would love to have them working together.


I am following this thread from few months and i cant wait any more to see this feature added. so i signed up for community to ask this

Someone let us know

Hi, folks!

We’ll be giving a full update at the end of the week but we’re waiting for a bit more information first. There was a last minute complication in the approval process and we’re looking into it.


Great thanks for the update

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Thank you, very anxious

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+1 for appreciating the update. Been watching Google development casually and now that it’s coming, I have two new wyzecams. I would have done so sooner if it had it already built in. :wink:

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Great @WyzeGwendolyn

So can we expect the app update on WYZE APP or GOOGLE HOME APP??

Could you please update the date if possible cant wait anymore to see this added.

Google Home Update time:
So I have some bad news and some better news.
Let’s start with the bad news first.
The Google Home Integration is not ready and we will need a little longer to get it ready. We have encounter some difficulty in securing the video only version despite the beta working properly. Most of the problems are coming from the audio part that does not work for the moment. We are coming to the conclusion that a fix is not going to be easy to achieve in the short term and this is not acceptable. So what we did during that time is try something radically different. We created a totally new version that does not use the HLS protocol but instead use MPEG-DASH. The new estimate is about end of the month for general release.

So what is the better news?
Switching to MPEG-DASH showed that the stream is stable even with the audio! So that is a great improvement/ You will also a light improvement in latency. But not everything is going great just yet. We still have one audio issue: the audio is choppy. It cuts and get slightly out of sync. We are of course investigating it but this is a more reachable goal and we are maintaining the pressure.

We have one action that will be impacting all of you that are registered for beta testing on Google Home. As we speak, the engineering team is switching everybody from HLS with no audio to MPEG-DASH WITH (choppy) audio. Please continue testing and report any issue.
The current plan is to troubleshoot the audio as much as possible between now and Sunday evening. If we don’t have a nice continuous sound at that point, I will ask the engineering team to cut down the sound and ask Google to continue the validation without the audio.


No worries. Thanks for the update! Now go get some sleep. :+1: Less latency is worth the wait.


Thanks for all the transparency much appreciated!


Thanks for the update! Will this affect the RTSP integration?

Nope. RTSP and Google Home Integration are completely independent.

Ok. I recall someone mentioning the separate firmware with RTSP would also have support for Google Assistant. I wasn’t sure if changing from HLS to dash would affect it or not.

What a disaster hey? Time to toss this thing out and get something from a reputable brand who can deliver on their promised deliverables and deadlines

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@bfost87 You just joined 10 minutes ago just to say that? Don’t let the door…


You bet I did. I’ve been following this thread for 5 months. Excuse after excuse after excuse. People here act like fanboys. This is a consumer product, which needs to be held to certain standards. They aren’t meeting their promises.

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Not a fan boy. Not even a boy. You are way off with narrow assumptions. Whatever.