Google Home/Assistant Integration



Q3 is July, 1st to September, 30th 2019. We still have a ton of time for Q3.
Q1 2019 ends at the end of March. So we are still on track from the original promise.


What are you talking about? We still have a few more weeks before Q1 is over.


How will we know if we have been selected for google assistant beta testing? Will this be for all BETA testers or a select group?


Help @b.v.reynolds69, you’ll receive an email to the email address you signed up with so make sure you check that.


So it sounds like it’s been pushed back to Q3 instead of end of Q1?


I don’t understand. Had to go and watch the Q&A video again. The timeline/deadline given was Q1 2019 with an assurance of 99.9%. Was the deadline later pushed forward? Because I must have missed any announcement saying it was…


We have 13 days to release to meet Q1 deadline. So no it’s not pushed to Q3.


OMG people go back to school and learn what a Quarter means!


@CxA @ExpletivesDeleted holy [profanity deleted]. If you guys don’t understand how 25% of something works, maybe you shouldn’t be buying smart home tech.

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Take a pill of the chill folks. I am fairly certain that @ExpletivesDeleted made a typo and all y’all totally lost it thinking the deadline was somehow Q3 now. Just read what @WyzeFrederik keeps posting. It’s still on track for Q1 deadline (which is march 31st) and I wouldn’t doubt they are ferociously smashing bugs until then.


Right now, we have one issue left but it’s a big one. The audio is not working and making the stream very unstable. We are working with Google but they have not been able to give us a clear pointer to what its wrong and why the stream is failing.

At this point, I’m considering releasing the integration without the audio to start and we will add the audio as soon as we have figured it out.



If it’s solid without audio for the time being we’ll still be happy to utilize it. It’s the video that is the important part. However, I would strongly suggest highlighting the fact that it is currently only a video feed with emphasis on the fact that the audio will be added as soon as possible. You still will get people asking why the audio isn’t working though… Besides that, we’ll eat up any google assistant integration we can get!


I agree with 7jones. I would use any Google Assistant integration we can get. A video feed without audio as a first step would be great!!! Agree that highlighting that it’s only a video feed with no sound is the way to go. Make it as clear as possible so that users are aware, and those of us that want to use it with video only can do so.


I think it could just confuse things and waste time, most importantly Wyze staff working on the problem(s). If you think that us testing certain features now could provide you value, and providing us a clear explanation of any known bugs so we don’t bother you with them, then it could be a good idea to get the Google data project out to the users so that stuff is taken care of. It will also save Gwendolyn and the rest of the team from having to answer, or at least read, comments hourly from people asking for an update.


No audio is not a show stopper for me.

I’ll gladly test it.


Fine by me!!!


Video is my main purpose. So video only will be fine for now.
Audio will be awesome, but I don’t want to wait too long.


From my personal usage- audio is not a dealbreaker. I rarely use it, and don’t rely on it for anything. I’d be happy with just the video.

Just a question on the audio part tho- with the Google Home streaming, was this on just receiving the audio or did it include two way to be able to speak back through Google Home also? I just wonder if part of the issue includes two way audio, and perhaps it causes a conflict between listening in for Google commands and sending audio to the cam.


No audio is fine. Wasn’t gonna use that part anyway. Would be nice in the future but video only is great! Nice work guys!


I am 100% fine with the presented plan of releasing with video only and updating later with audio.