Google Home/Assistant commands list

Does someone has a listing of all commands of Google Home/Assistant to work with Wyze cams? Maybe @WyzeGwendolyn ? With tested syntax please.
My Google Assistant just give me:
1- Turn on Cam…
2- Turn off Cam…

Here’s a guide to using, including list of the current supported commands. (Can’t currently turn on/off notifications by voice for example)

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Many thanks @Ssmaniac.
Very limited integration at this time:

  • Is Cam on?
  • Turn on Cam.
  • Show (stream) Cam on casting device.
  • Stop (streaming).
    No Cam Turn off (not supported by Google Home directly).
    A note from Wyze give me hope in the future there will be more commands:
    We’re looking to change to a near real time solution in the future for our Google Assistant integration, but this will require overhauling the infrastructure that the Wyze Cam is using.
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I will continue using my own Google Home voice commands integrated in IFTTT for extra actions with my Wyze cams…

What are your favorite extra IFTTT actions you use?

Turn On and Turn Off using geofencing.
As my shared cams notifications are On only by night using Wyze Shortcut Automation, I
use applets for all detections for personal notifications.
All detections are saved in an Google sheet with detection type, time stamp and cam name.
I use IFTTT platform to develop applets with code in trigger or with multiple actions.


Thank you for covering this, Ssmaniac! :slight_smile: