Google Home app does not support Auto Mode - Wyze Thermostat

I am curious about what others have found while using the Google Home app or Google Voice Assistant with the Wyze Thermostat. I noticed after setting up my thermostat that it is pulled into Google Home when I reconnect my Wyze account in Google Home just fine (Horray!). However, if the thermostat mode is set to auto, it will show up in the Google Home app with the mode of “Other”. In this state, you cannot change the temperature in the Google Home app or by voice (google assistant will say it is in a mode that it doesn’t support). You CAN, however, change the mode to “Heat” or “Cool” and then both the Google Home app and Voice Assistant work as it would with other smart thermostats. If you change the mode back to “Auto” in the Wyze app or from the Thermostat, Google Home app and Voice Assistant will be unable to change the temperature again until the mode is changed to a supported mode.

Is this a bug, or simply something that is not supported yet with the Google Home integration?

If it is not supported yet, I do hope that it will be soon. I love the idea of not having to select a mode and have the thermostat manage all that for me, however, it would be nice to have Google Home integration support when in Auto Mode.