Google Fit linking issue

So I noticed that my sleep info from the band was not getting transferred to google fit. I’m not even sure if it is supposed to, but I thought I’d try re-linking the apps. I unlinked Wyze Beta in the Google Fit app and now it is not re-appearing for me to re-link it?
Is there a trick to this or was it removed in the beta app for now?
I’m on v2.10.36


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Just figured this out!
Apparently the method to link the two apps has moved to the Wyze side through the scale device’s settings. Wyze Scale > Gear wheel > Authorize 3rd party apps > Google Fit

That being the case, I don’t think the band is meant to link to google fit at this point.

I had originally linked the two apps through google fit, but that method is no longer possible.
Apologies for posting in the wrong category!

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Hmmm, I need it to link to something… so I can stop manually entering to my insurance health program. I can link that to Fit, so if I can link Wyze Band to Fit it will get to the insurance program…

I am using Cigna Insurance and they don’t link to Google Fit. It is so frustrating.

Hopefully the ability to sync heart rate and sleep info from the band to Google Fit will be possible in the future! It sure seems like it shouldn’t be too hard since the scale is already linked, but then again, Im no software pro!

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I’m starting to get really tired of manually updating my sleep info from the Wyze band into google fit.
I’m not sure why it would be difficult to sync this data as well as heart rate, since the connection to google fit is already there with the scale? And I suppose a 3rd party app or alexa skill can’t be made without a Wyze API?
Then again, people without the scale wouldn’t have the connection to google fit possible in the app the way it’s set up, so maybe it’s not as easy as I’d thought.

This is another reason my Wyze band went in the drawer and the Fitbit came back out.