Google Assistant Integration for Lock

We’re coming up on 7 months post launch. When will we be able to integrate with assistant?

I haven’t seen any dates given myself. However we’re dealing with Wyze time here which is different then standard time so “coming soon” in Wyze time is different :grin:
The outdoor camera was 2 years and camera and app features that were or are being worked on and coming soon like permissions, etc. are similar timelines or still waiting.

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Sigh, makes me sad. I really like the Wyze lock. Waiting on Ghome integration myself


I am waiting for GH integration as well!


Can we please finally get the Wyze Lock integrated with Google Home? The Lightbulbs already work with Google so why can’t the Lock? I’m sure, like me, a lot of people are going to put buying more products until they know they will all be integrated equally


I’m thinking this may be something that never happens tbh

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I expected it and was disappointed after setting it up. Still a great product. I would like to one day be able to integrate it with my other smart features so if I open the door other lights go on non-wyze for example.

Keep it in mind Wyze. I do think it attracks buyers like myself or keeps them happy and buying after they put it up.

There needs to be a million different threads each with a million votes to get the Wyze Lock integrated with Google Assistant. Wyze said it would happen and we are still waiting. Come on wyze


I am also frustrated by the glacial speed of the Google integration the utter lack of transparency as to what the holdup is. And just to make matters worse, Wyze has launched TEN (That’s TEE EEE ENN, 10) new products, including a vacuum, since the lock. I know the company is trying to grow, and that’s fine. But they seem to have lost their way a bit (a lot).

Wyze as a company has been framed as a small, folksy, down-to-earth enterprise. Consequently Wyze has been given many, many hall passes on the various foibles with the equipment and firmware. Given the recent rapid expansion, I’m not certain they’re deserving of the free ride anymore.

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I feel like I bought the wyze lock under false pretenses. When I bought the lock at first there was some confusion if google integrated with it, later it was determined that google integration would be coming soon. How long is soon? Because I’ve had my lock for a year and still no integration. A year is not soon for integration, especially when it is integrated with Alexa.

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So as a long time Wyze supporter with more than 20 individual Wyze devices… I’m having a hard time finding any desire to support Wyze products moving forward and will no longer sing the praises of wyze too friends and family.

I Feel like I was a little taken on the Wyze lock and keypad. I bought it, when it stated on the product page that it would be integrated with Google Assistant later this year (in 2020). Here we are in June and I’ve removed wyze and had to settle on an August Lock.

So because of Wyze’s failure to deliver, I have this extra “paper weight” from Wyze sitting in the box and money wasted.

@WyzeGwendolyn …come on Wyze, it’s time to do the right thing and give me a refund. You can have your lock back, It doesn’t do what you advertised.

Stop sending me emails about how I can throw away my money on your next new product, when you don’t even support the products you’ve already sold me.

Wyze Lock now works with Google Home in the 2.21 app! :clinking_glasses: