Google Assistant/Google Home WYZE Vacuum Integration

I wouldn’t take my comment as gospel truth, rather with a grain of salt as far as it relates to feature requests+additions… With that said, votes on feature requests like this one do seem to affect where their priorities lay from a feature development/addition perspective… So the more people vote for it, the more likely it is that’ll be added, I believe (we really need a huge ground swell if we want it added). If I’m totally wrong, then please set the record straight here Wyze peeps.

Further now, this is all without talking about the elephant in the room, and the fact that Amazon has all but won the voice controlled home assistant/automation war, with Google now taking a back seat in the space… Amazon has been super aggressive and dominant in this market over the last year, and is now even looking to supplant stand-alone wifi based hubs. Mind you I say that as a Google Home stalwart, who only recently broke down and added 2 Echo Flex’s (at $10 a pop this holiday season, why not?) to my up until that point “Google only” home setup. Beyond allowing me to add automations with 3rd party devices (ie: Wyze sensors, which the Google Assistant still doesn’t support), it’s been a revelation. Too bad I don’t trust Amazon, and keep both of my Flexes muted, or this wouldn’t be problem for ME. So long story short, please add Google Assistant support to the Wyze Vacuum Wyze…

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If I did my research before I pre-ordered and seen that the vacuum is not connected to Google Home I wouldn’t have bought it. It is very convenient to tell Google to start cleaning or send home from anywhere in the house. Now I have to find my phone to do this and it’s just an inconvenience. I really wish Wyze would make this happen.

I don’t use Google assistance.
I use Alexa but not having the vacuum linked to Alexa is not a deal breaker.
I have my phone on my desk all the time when I am home.
Actually I started vacuuming when I was at work last week. Lol

@edhchoe we’re trying to get a new feature added. I understand you may not use it, but other people do want it, which is why everyone else is here commenting. Thank you.


He says he wouldnt have ordered it if he had known.
I bought three knowing it doesnt work with any voice command.
I am not saying wyze should not add.

Actually I’m a she, and that’s great you don’t care about the vacuum not connecting to Google, that is your choice. I wasn’t asking for your option nor thoughts. This form is for the wyze team, I was just letting them know why I want it to connect to Google home. If I wanted feedback from a random person I would have posted it on the fb group page.

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New to internet?
I can voice my opinion as much as you can voice your opinion.