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I’ve asked this question to the moderators allready and have a ticket open with Wyze, but the answer from wyze was for ios not Android. That was my fault, I didn’t specify. But to the moderators, I got nada.
My question is, why won’t Gmail come through on the band? I get notifications from Yahoo.
When I first got the band the only way I could get phone and text notifications was to switch to the beta app. Kinda frustrating to sit here and type this AGAIN! But I can’t seem to get an answer from anyone. Is wyze good with Google, cause before I switched to the beta app I kept getting a message saying that the band needed permissions from playstore.
Would love some feedback.


In case you didn’t know, that while the moderators of these forums are very knowledgeable, they are not actually Wyze employees.

They try to handle as many questions as they can, but they are volunteer end users.


I’m aware.

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I’m not getting Gmail notifications, either. SMS is working, as is AOL.

Correct, and thank you. While we are knowledgable in some areas, we are certainly not in all areas. We don’t necessarily own or use all Wyze products. (For example, I don’t have a band.) Our primary responsibility as moderators is in keeping the forum organized, operating smoothly and within the Community Guidelines.


Ok that’s all good, I’m just looking for answers. Does anyone have any?

I know that gmail has been discussed elsewhere in #early-access. I don’t know if there are any answers. Have you tried searching?

Yes I’ve tried looking after I found out all of this early access stuff. I posted a few questions in the regular forum, only to find out all of it had been moved to early access. So from there, I start over looking and not seeing any one thing that is specific to what I’m looking for so I post, and wait. Today is really the first time I’ve heard anything from the forum. And so far I’m where I started.

Sorry to hear that. I don’t have a band nor gmail, so I’m afraid I’m of no help.

One tip: if you click the advanced option on forum search, you can limit the search to #early-access. That might help narrow it down.

If you don’t get help in the community, I’d suggest filling out a Support Request.

I’ll try your suggestion, I’m currently waiting for a reply from wyze. Thanks for trying.

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I put the GMail client on my phone and signed in to one of my wife’s accounts. After turning GMail on in the band notifications I got the notification. So they appear to work.

Are you Android or iOS?

I get notifications from most apps, but I don’t get Gmail either, I swear Arthur said somewhere it was a issue regarding Google, I searched for the post but couldn’t find it.

I’m on Android btw

I am on ios but for the notifications to work I had to change a setting in the GMail client under Notifications. It has to be set to All New Mail.

I am on Android, and the Gmail account is for work. I believe it’s set on all incoming mail. I’ll look, but that’s really something I don’t want to have to do is add a bunch of stuff to get it to work. It should just work.

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Well good luck. Tried to help but guess I can’t. No worries I am sure support will help you.

Well good luck to you as well, we shall see when they respond.

I’m also not getting Gmail notifications on the band. I get all others that I have selected. Did this ever get figured out?

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No but I added my Gmail account to my Outlook and I get them on the band that way. I turned off Gmail notifications on my phone so I don’t keep getting them twice. Not a fix but a temporary workaround.

I’ve had my band almost 24 hours. No gmail notification s or apple mail. Whatapp and iMessages are fine.

Confirm “allow gmail notifications” is turned on. It should send notifications to the band if this is enabled.