Glass Breakage Detection On Wyze Cameras

My Wyze Camera should alert me if it ever hears the sound of glass breaking. My understanding is glass creates a unique sound when it breaks, and this sound can be identified through audio analysis done in software.

Just curious, why would you need a glass break alert?

The only thing I can think about having this would be for security purposes if someone breaks in by breaking a window, but I’m not sure if what OP is asking is even possible? Being there are so many different types of glass, so many variables to take into consideration…

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Dedicated glass break sensors are part of many professionally installed home security systems.


I would think breaking glass would trigger a sound detection. Currently, you’d get a cloud notice but not video on your SD card.

I believe its also available on Alexa -
"Dec 13, 2018 - Amazon’s Alexa Guard can alert you if an Echo detects smoke alarm, breaking glass. You’ll get a heads-up on your phone if an Echo device in " – google search results.
I have not yet tested this out, as I am currently fond of my windows and dont feel like replacing any LOL


Definitely agree. One of the most common ways to break into a home is simply to break a window. There are other devices that do this, and since Wyze cam is already listening for smoke alarm, it’s seems glass breaking would be the next logical sound notification.


I’d like to see the addition of notification when Wyze hears breaking glass. This would be a nice add-on with the Sense hardware.

A unique notification sound would be ideal as all sound-based alarms (smoke, CO2, water, etc) would be a higher priority than, say, your mailman crossing into your detection zone.

It would be nice if you could use your Wyze cam microphone to detect if glass breaks just like you can with smoke alarms on it. I know that Amazon Alexas is coming out with it so it probably wouldn’t be impossible to put it on Wyze cams.

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Add the detection of gunshots as well. I want to know if someone is hunting without permission.

It would just be nice if it alerted of any load noise or abnormal noise or have a sensitivity scale where you can put how sensitive it should be. Something dropping, glass breaking, shouting, shooting, etc.

This would be a handy tool to activate recording.

Another way to do this would be to have small G-sensor that would trigger a response when it falls when the glass is broken. True, it would require more hardware than the audio-triggered version, but it could also be used creatively in many ways which could increase it’s value as a tool outside the intended purpose.

The glass break alarm trigger would be similar to the current feature where the camera can detect a smoke or CO alarm sound. If it could detect a glass break it would allow for people to use the cameras as part of their alarm system for rooms with a lot of windows.

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Glass break detection sensor

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I don’t care if it’s done via software on the camera or an actually senor ( i would lean towards senor for placement) but I just want this!

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Add Glass Breakage Detection To WYZE Cams. (Could Be A Feature Available To Cam Plus Subscribers.)