Glass break sensor release date or even in the works?

Any idea when a glass break sensor is coming?

Wishlist, maybe later = No time soon.

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Here is what I’ve seen as being officially said about Glass break sensing up to now from the Wyze AMA’s:

So Wyze said glass break sensors were being worked on, and a Wyze employee was asked about making this work with Wyze cams to have the AI detect it, and they said they would bring it up with the AI team and that it might already be in the works.

In October there was an email sent out implying they may start having the cameras also detect breaking glass.

No release date on any of it though.

Things can change, but that is everything that I can recall that I’ve seen publicly mentioned on this topic. Hope it helps.

If you are interested I would vote on the wishlist that SlabSlayer posted. :+1:

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Not much commitment there. :neutral_face:

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No, but it’s the best information we have at this point. I guess we just have to hope they can find a decent affordable option that is compatible with their Hub. At least it is on their radar.