Glass Break detection sensor

A separate sensor for glass break sound or could be incorporated into the contact sensor. Can be placed where you don’t want a camera such as a bedroom. If it were part of the contact sensor the same sensor could detect if a window was opened or if the glass was broken.

This would be a good security addition and I think they should make them. I also know you are not looking for a hack solution but if you don’t want to wait around you can find glass shock sensors online and replace the magnetic reed switch inside the Wyze sense with that. But only do this if you are comfortable with soldering.

Usually a break in is done by breaking a window to get into your house. So contact sensors don’t really work.

Interlogix Glassbreak Shock Detector, White (5150W)

This is what I was referring to. That is a high price but I am sure they could be found for a few bucks a piece if you buy them a few at a time. They are pretty simple devices that just complete a circuit when shaken which would happen in the case of glass breaking. The Wyze sensor is just looking for a completed circuit which is currently achieved with a magnetic reed switch. Replacing that can give the sensor all sorts of capability.

The camera already listens for smoke alarms. I wonder how difficult it would be for it to listen for broken glass or unusually loud banging, etc. Most of the sounds that you’d be worried about (loud banging, breaking glass) would be pretty high-decibel. You might get a false alarm if you’re doing construction or if you break something in the kitchen. But in most cases, I think the typical sounds of a break-in would be distinct enough that it could be feasible to detect them with the camera microphone

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Yeah that would work too. I had to turn my smoke detection off because when my baby cried it would get triggered. I have recently was able to turn it back on but it probably depends on people’s comfort with different technologies and their situation.

Place one side of the contact sensor on the glass and the other side on the frame. Only works if that portion was broken, however, with a stronger magnet the portion that resides on the glass can be mounted closer to a more common break area of the glass.

Test and works! when the test glass pane was broken the portion mounted to the glass falls away from the sensor and the contact is then Broken/open.

I cam up with this because my egress windows would not accept the contact sensor conventionally. So I created a mount that attaches to the glass and then had that eureka moment.

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Granted I now have 2 contact sensors on each window.
At 5 bucks a piece… Nominal for the POTENTIALLY added security.
I say potentially as the glass still may not break away at the mount point. My tests have shown that the sensor did not fall away 1/5th of the time… not bad though… 80% more secure-ish.
That’s a technical term.

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Pssst, you can vote on that here. :wink:

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In the meantime… If you have an Alexa enabled device you can enable Away Mode to get glass breakage notifications.

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Your smart home devices are pretty cool but you are missing some essentials like the flood and glass breakage sensors. Would be great to see those in your arsenal as well.

You can find the thread on the leak sensor here, it is in development

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