Ghost rules?

Is anyone else having trouble with the ghost of deleted rules? I tried checking known issues but the link wasn’t working for me.

I had a rule for turning a light on with motion, then I got more blind, switches and sensors and made some more complicated rules to turn on lights with motion in the living-room. I deleted the old rule, and while watching a movie disabled the new rule.

With the rule disabled, that rule didn’t work but the old+delete rule kept triggering and it shows up in my event log as a triggered event with the deleted rules name. (It’s easy to tell since the old rule just turned on one light)

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I’m using android. I’m also having trouble with my Wyze Cam 2 and never got help. Here’s my reddit post 4 months ago. It’s annoying but I just create new rules to counter my old ghost rules. I have this invisible rule that it turns off my camera. I just made a rule to turn it back on a few minutes later. If anyone has a solution, please tell us. I tried everything. Disconnecting reconnecting. clear cache. unisntalling reinstalling.