Ghost orbs captured nightly

Every night we have orbs captured on our Wyze camera. For the non-believers, these are bugs or dust. In this particular one, it wakes our dog up.


They are absolutely what you believe they are. Make sure you tell everybody you know about this. Even everyone in the neighborhood. That way you’ll be able to enjoy all your Halloween candy yourself.


I would be more inclined to believe its a gnat or fruit fly… You need a better dog too… one that doesnt run from a gnat.

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The dog looked ghostly! :bone: :ghost:

have had my cams for about a week now and nightly i catch similiar activity only alot more of it. as soon as i can upload videos i will post them. have tried numerous things to debunk and cannot explain. they happen during the day and at night! i would love for someone to offer explanations as to what we are catching. i have proven it to not be dust bugs outside lights reflections etc. also activity picks up dramatically when certain objects are placed in the room. keep posting i love watching all the other videos for comparison.

I look forward to seeing these. I have a year of these videos, however, recently, the activity of these “whatever they are” has been reduced.

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trying to upload now

Looks like infrared reflecting off dust particles.

at 22:33:50 i was in my bedroom and asked my dog that passed away to give me the ball that was on the kitchen floor. i have the video from my bedroom that at the same moment when i ask the orb appears at that point over the ball. weird have been trying to debunk my wife believes i need more! and this is nightly have way too many videos to upload but will start now that ive figured it out kinda lol

i have tried to discredit it as just that. would you like a video of me jumping all over my furniture and shaking blankets to intentionally kick up dust because i have those videos! lol my wife believes i do not although 1 thing to consider about my house. well items in my house. my tv and complete surround system were my brothers who passed away in front of them 2 years ago. the couch in the video my service dog of 13 years passed away in my arms last year in her favorite spot. the ball in the video was hers that the orb/dust came out of. coincidentally i was calling out asking her to get the ball at that exact moment. backed up by my bedroom cam. now im skeptical but that was a little too coincidental. wife now wants to go crazy on buying ghost hunting stuff.

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Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry to hear about your brother and your dog passing. It sure look like ghost orbs to me. No matter what you or I say or believe, others will doubt it. My dog gets up when these start, as you can see from my viseo. If they were dust orbs, he wouldn’t wake all scared in the middle of the night. But, everyone is free to believe what they want.