Ghost ORB?

I’ve got the same thing on my cam. Honestly I think it’s a hack job. I think someone is messing with us.

Dust does not move like these things. I suggest putting a fan on in front of the camera to prove it’s not dust.

Watch this video , could be dust or tiny bug

no ghost in the world my mate. It’s purely dirt

Try one of those HEPA ghost trapping devices. :rofl:

I get them too. Frequently. Cam is in my bedroom and flying orbs appear only when I’m there sleeping. Never at night when I’m not there. And never when my gf sleeps over. Also they appear when I’m most soundly asleep and not moving. Def no bugs in my room. And no way dust is moving like these do.

Is it similar to this? I’ve had bugs before and this definitely isn’t a bug.

Oh yeah. I only just got the Wyze. And I’m seeing these things in my bedroom fairly regular tho not every night. What’s odd is - it only happens when I’m in the room sleeping soundly. Never when I’m not there. Never when my friend sleeps over. ?? And definitely
no bugs flying around my room. If it was dust it would happen more frequently. It’s not street lights either. My room is high up in my 4 level home. And again it doesn’t coincide with traffic on my street.

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And for the record they zoom from different directions, areas, heights etc. Never consistency.

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Yes, I imagine dust would appear every night, not just this one time.