Ghost or if it the camera?

Can someone tell me why does my camera pick up these weird things. Its gotta be with night vision off. I’m talking pitch black.`



I’ve added a gif and screenshot for convenient in-forum viewing for others to help.

It does kind of look like little black worms crawling on the lens:

I can’t say what is causing it, but maybe someone with some more understanding of cameras can chime in. It does look totally fine when the night vision kicks on though. No hint of anything like that:

I’m wondering if the lack of light causes a reflection back to the inside of the camera in some way. I say this because of an image I saw on reddit earlier this week…a guy’s camera was somehow reflecting their circuit board through the lens:

Then that reflection resolved itself and it was fine soon afterward…but the point is that MAYBE when you had it REALLY dark, it could be grasping at any residual reflection, no matter how dark. IDK, but I am sure there is a reasonable explanation someone with more experience can offer.


Hey Thanks for your help. If i stare at them without blinking for about 4 minutes they start turning to faces and figures like demonic s***

Just looks like sensor noise or compression artifacts to me. With so few photons hitting the sensor the sensitivity is increased to max so any stray or leakage voltage (any fluctuation) is going to cause weirdness.

But I’m not an expert or anything.

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Orbe?? en estos dias que he tenido la camara por las noches en interior he captado muchos de esos. Ustedes que opinan?

Looks like dust or reflection. The infrared lights tend to light up dust very brightly and they transit quickly.

Or it’s the ghost of a lima bean. Did you murder a lima bean in your home?

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