Getting the most out of Wyze App v2.0!



The Wyze app has a new look and added features! This new app paves the way for everything we’ve got planned in 2019. If you haven’t already, make sure to update your app to the latest version. We’re excited to show you everything we’ve been working on.


Is the Shop tab for US based customers only? If that is the case, it is sort an annoying new “feature” for us in Canada.


What’s the bell at the top of the home screen for?


@lazy_hammocks the bell is to quickly turn all notifications on/off instead of going to the account section


Like the new v.2 UI but since I use an iPad with keyboard folio case in landscape mode the fact the Wyze UI is portrait mode only is incovenient. Would prefer it auto sense the device / orientation and adjust accordingly.


Don’t get me started Teddy … all I ever use is an iPad (with case). This has been a long-requested feature. There is a post over in the Roadmap forum where you can VOTE to have landscape mode added for the unfortunate folks like us who use an iPad, but … if Wyze team resources are applied to new features based soley upon # of votes, then landscape mode may never be added (hope I’m wrong).


It’s not based solely on votes, we need to consider other factors - stability, connectivity, security, new products, experiments etc. We need to find a way to push the iPad request, we need more design resources to build this and there’s a bottleneck atm.


@WyzeMark Thanks Mark, I do appreciate the resource issue. Thanks again for the reply and for keeping this request on your radar. :wink:


I see still no option to share video only, no need to broadcast to shared accounts sounds from inside my house from a camera pointed at the front entrance.



A bit slow here but could some body explain where and how I can upgrade my Wyze App to 2.0. I’ve looked around my app 1.5.65 and there is no button to upgrade. Many thanks


@Mush You don’t update the app from within the app itself like you do the firmware. Instead go to the App Store (iOS] or Google Play (Android) and look for the app update there.


Notifications on / off


If you got the app from the play store (Android) go to the play store to update. And click my apps on the left side of the screen. If you got it from the app store (iOS) go the app store to update, On the bottom of the screen all the way to the right I believe. If you got it elsewhere (side loading) you’ll need to find the new APK and follow the same process as you did for the initial install. In both the Play store and App store there should be an option to turn on automatic updates so that it just loads in the future.


Th update made the app so slow. Navigating the app is horrible. So slow. Anybody else seeing the lagging in navigating the app features?


I just bought Cam Pan and downloaded V2.0. I have issued not getting alert notification. The bell is on, the notification setting is on, but I’ve never got any alert notifications. My phone is Google pixel 2. Any ideas?



No issues for me on iPhone or android


I don’t have issue with all notification alert but sometimes it delays the notification, such as I get notification after 10 minutes for when I pick up my phone.

By the way I am using Google Pixel 2 with Wyze Cam v2.

What I have notice that there is Android battery optimization feature for latest Android Pie version, so if the Wyze is set as battery optimize on the phone setting, you might get delay notification because Android Pie try to save your phone battery with battery optimization feature.

So I opt out Wyze App from battery optimization and put Wyze notification in priority, then I started getting notification almost right after motion detect.

Also I suggest that clear the cache one time after the Wyze App v2 update.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much. It works now. Yeah. Really appreciated your great input.




I just bought a cam and so far I am pretty happy. My only concern, A BIG ONE, is the iPad app that does not support landscape view (I know it support it when a camera is full screen) but I mean the app in general should support landscape, it would make it much better to see multiple cam.

Responsive it should be



What made it work now, clearing the cache or Changing battery setting ?