Getting a coupon for the vacuum a day after I already purchased it!

Why would you send me a coupon that expires in 12 hours a full day after I already pre order the new vacuum? Please let me know that was a screw up for more than just me.

I too didn’t receive any coupon email until the day after launch suddenly telling me it expires in a few hours. However, I saw the coupon code here in a forum post, and I hadn’t made my order yet anyway.

So, no, you definitely were not the only person to get the coupon code only the day after launch.
Maybe you can cancel your previous order and resubmit today with the code to save yourself $20?

I have emailed Wyze to see if anything can be done. As of right now I can’t cancel my pre-order and I am not buying again just to maybe save the 20 if I can cancel down the road. My guess then is that this was scheduled to go out ahead of the reveal and someone put the wrong date in the schedule. Or they forgot entirely to send out the first email telling us we had a coupon at all.

I received an email on the 9th telling me of the early backer announcement with coupon code. Maybe you aren’t signed up for the email marketing or associated with the early backers emails, but they did send it out. People also posted it on the different facebook groups too. Sorry that you didn’t get the coupon code before you ordered. Wyze has been good to people in the past and I hope they are able to give you the $20 credit or refund.

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I just don’t know why the first one wouldn’t have made it to my email but the second would. I searched all of my spam and deleted boxes and never found anything about the vacuum at all. I only knew because I got the email when they launched yesterday at 12:39 central.

Ah tough to say. Have you early backed any other products? They may have added you to the early backers email list after you purchased it as an early backer. Hope they can work it out for you.

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  2. Click on My Account

Under Newsletters does it say “You are subscribed to “General Subscription”.” or something else?

I had “Subscribed” to receive Wyze emails and announcements in several other places, but was surprised to see that this option was showing I wasn’t subscribed. I said subscribe during lots of other product launches and recommendations on the site to subscribe, I’ve always said yes, but I guess those were all different newsletters or some weird thing. For some reason that one wasn’t on, so I just barely activated it. Perhaps it’s similar for you (saying yes elsewhere for Wyze emails, but this still showing no for some reason?). Maybe that’s why we didn’t get it? IDK, I’ve said yes to Wyze for everything I’ve ever seen.

(and I got the second email too, without getting the first one)…so if it was no, why’d I get the second one but not the first? So confusing.

I am not sure why but that “General Subscription” wasn’t checked. I do get emails from time to time and I am in the Beta as well as the Early Access so I am not sure. I will say though that I did get a response from support and after some back and forth to confirm the order they did take care of it for me so that is really cool. They have always done right by me but this was certainly above expectations!