Gateway light on / off

Any chance we can get an option to turn the solid green light on the gateway off when it’s connected? It’s rather bright and sometimes the outlet placements in houses do not suite having a bright light on all the time.

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Yeah mine is kind of at the end of the hallway I might move the gateway as people say it doesn’t have to be extremely close. But right now it is visible but it doesn’t really bother me but it would be kind of nice to not have to see it

In the meanwhile Try these LightDims. They’re great and I use them on all sorts of bright LEDs on stuff. They are much better than electrical tape because they still let 20% of the light through so you can still see it and they look better. They’re a big help in my camper where all the LEDs made it hard to sleep at night.



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My gateway is in my finished basement, behind some packing containers. It’s at the bottom of the stairs and the lock is at the top. So, they are about 15 feet apart. I’ve not had any connection issues to date.

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