Garage Door Wireless keypad

Not sure if this has been added to wishlist or not for future products. Would be nice to have a garage door keypad that can be mounted outside programmed to my garage door and connected to the Wyze app to change garage pin codes. I have a basic one from Lowe’s but it is a pain to go through the process to update the codes. A basic keypad like I have with the Wyze lock would be nice to setup temp codes for the garage door and programmable to any garage door. I’ve searched online and cannot find anything to fit this without doing the myQ technology which I had before and rarely used it.

This is exactly what I’m thinking. I didn’t see your post when I submitted my wishlist post, which was merged into “Garage Door Opener (with WYZE sense)”.

Copy my post here:
I suggest that WYZE uses the same door lock key pad but a different gateway. The gateway can talk to the door lock key pad, work with WYZE app and just like the door lock gateway, combining with the function of the following garage door remote:

When someone enters the correct code into the WYZE door lock key pad, this new WYZE gateway should act like a garage door remote, asking the garage door to open and close. The added benefit is that I can change the code of the key pad remotely.

I am running an AirBnb unit for which I can remotely change front door keypad code (the usual WYZE door lock). I have to be physically there to change a dumb garage door keypad, similar to something below:

There is currently no “smart garage door keypad” on market that I can change keypad code remotely through an app.


  1. There are many generations of different garage door remote technology. It is not hard to match the latest Security+ 2.0 like the one I showed (only $17 for a pair). It would be hard to be backsword compatible with older generations, like Security+ or dip switch that are still around.

  2. For safety reason, Chamberlain’s myQ app, when trying to remotely close the garage door, it will make the garage door beep 10 seconds before actually dropping the garage door, to avoid injury. How to do the same through WYZE app is still a question.