Garage Door Opener

Voice command to simply open/close a garage door seems like a no brainer. Thank you for your post, I was going crazy trying to figure out why I wasn’t able to get it to respond. Quite surprised that your mention is the only one I could find after numerous web searches. Perhaps it’s because it’s so new? Hopefully they somehow work the feature into a future update.

I only have a rule for closing the garage door. Is there no rule for opening it? Using iphone app firmware is up to date.

‘Open’ was not included for security reasons.

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Is there a way to at least used “open” as a device trigger? “If detect open, turn on lights…”

You can set the controller to send a push notification you if the door is opened, or remains open for a period of time.

Beyond that, you can turn the motion sensitivity down on the camera, and use the camera’s motion detection to trigger a number of things using Rules. I say turn the sensitivity down because you don’t need much sensitivity to see a person moving or a garage door opening, but you do want to filter dust particles and the like out of the equation. A setting of 20 works in my environment.

You might submit your ‘open’ trigger as a Wishlist item. :slight_smile:

ok thanks!

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So is there a betting pool for when the Garage Door Opener will get Alexa capability?

I have a rule to CLOSE THE GARAGE DOOR at 11pm.
At 10 pm I shut the door, then opened it 6 inches for our cat.
At 11pm . . . . the Wyze rule OPENED THE DOOR. It was open all night.
(keep the cat out haha)

Advice? Yes sir. Look at the door or look at a view via a camera.

Most GDO’s don’t know open from close. If its open, and you press the door button or the remote, it simple sends a signal to activate the motor. And if its closed, an press again simply activates the motor, and this time opens it. It takes some accessory such as a set of wired magnet sensors to signal the door’s status. I think that’s what Meross and Nexx modified their firmware on their controller’s to trigger a open or closure to do. A pair of magnet sensors.

Several years ago, - about 5 years. my old Sears Assure controller would show me a graphic representation of a door open or closed in their app. But the reported status was "whatever Assure’s last position was. I could fool the app, but jumping the terminals and closing the door. The app still thought it was open. I would use the app to "close the door, and the closed door would open, It stayed confused until I reset everything. I did this just to test the apps status to insure it was telling me accurate info. It was not. And that’s why I added a new Wyze V2, mounted upside down under the GDO, so I could verify. Only thing better than a camera on that door, is me sticking my head out from the house and eyeballing the door myself.

I was reading about features on Homelink 5.0. Its proposed to be able to distinguish between open and close for us. Most cars over the last few years still have version 3.x and 4.x in them. I didn’t see any info regarding when 5.0 would be available.

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Has Alexa support been announced?

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I wondered about that. If I, say, set a rule to close my garage door at 10p, would the ‘AI’ be ‘I’ enough to check the door’s status. I guess the answer is “No”. So the question begs, where does the AI enter the equation?

Alexa does work with the garage door camera. For example, I can get an announcement that a person has been spotted in the garage. But as far as I know, Alexa hasn’t yet found the attached gadget that works the garage door operator.

I discovered a simple solution to my problem. Close the door completely, then open it up 6". The 11pm rule to close the door does nothing.
If I stop the door as it is going down at a point 6" above the floor, the 11pm close rule will open the door.
If this is confusing, get rid of your cat.

Or leave the garage door closed. Put a cat door on the attic window. Burglars won’t be able to get in. And it will be an interesting challenge for the cat. If you are so inclined, you could show the cat how to get out of the house, once from the inside.

What does the sticker on the door do anyway ?
In my case it sure don’t help anyone know if the door is open or closed.

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All you have to remember is this. When activated, the door will always move in the opposite direction it last moved.

If you let it close to 6 inches, it will open at the next button press. The button is not used for direction, just activity .

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That’s one heck of an interesting case. Not much “I” in their “AI”, it seems. Someone from Wyze told me that if the QR code is just slightly off, it considers the door as open, but I guess it doesn’t keep on checking to make sure the door is really closed.

I’m selling stuff on Nextdoor. com. Lady texted me on the way here. Watched her drive up on my front V3 then opened the garage door with the Wyze app. Very cool setup!