Garage Door Opener (with Wyze Sense)

I’m currently trying the Aladdin Connect, and it seems like it would work with just about any garage door with an interior button (the box claims any opener after 1993). It just wires in the same connection as the button for the door, and uses a wireless sensor attached to the door to detect open/closed. Its also able to be integrated with Amazon, Google and IFTTT

While I agree it would be cool if Wyze added a Garage door opener device, I’ve been quite happy with Garadget. They even helped me mod the device to work with an automatic gate. I’ve integrated it with iOS using Homekit, it works with Alexa. And it’s less than $100. Feels like another “Wyze” type of IoT device, which I’m a fan of.

I’m looking at the tailwind opener, I have MyQ and it SUCKS. They neutered the automated part of it a month after I got it. I had it set up to open when I pulled into my driveway and all of a sudden it just stopped working. They also charge $1 for most of the automation options, or at least used to. Want IFTTT pay $1… Google assistant pay $1… it wasn’t the money, it was the fact that you had to pay something that everyone else gives for free. Especially since those functions are the main reason their product sells. I will def wait a bit to see if Wyze starts to make one of these. I can live with MyQ for a while longer.