Garage Door Opener - Can it defects obstruction?

Hello all,
A few years ago I had an issue where my garage door popped off of one of the side tension cables because a neighbor kid propped a stick inside the metal rail. This of course is a worst case scenario, however I’ve been paranoid ever since. I literally have to walk out to the garage door every time to inspect before shutting the garage. Does this, or can this garage door controller detect if there is anything in the way that could potentially cause the door to not shut properly?

No, at this point it cannot. The camera that connects to the garage door opener that actually controls your functional opener only works to allow you to have security on the garage opening and functions as a connection to the Wi-Fi. It also allows the system to see the QR code and make a decision as to whether the door is open if it can’t detect the QR code or closed if it does detect the QR code. At this point it does not detect any obstructions

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Most garage door systems include IR sensors at the base of the door. Does yours not?

Mine does have sensors on the door rails so that something say a child were to try to walk in the door as it were closing it would break those sensors and force the door to open back up. But that is independent of any Wyze product. The company’s current garage door controller is a box that connects to the controller that actually drives the belt or chain that opens the door and a camera in order to connect that to Wi-Fi giving you remote control and also the detection capabilities for the QR code and security. But there are no sensors currently to detect obstructions at the bottom of the door such as the light sensors

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I tuned my GDO once, so maybe I can shed some light. Note this may not be true of all GD openers.

Mine has light sensors that when tripped will reverse the closing of the garage door. But it ALSO has a pressure sensor (probably a GDO current sensor) that says if the garage door works too hard closing the door, then reverse it. Say when someone’s neck is keeping the garage door from closing, but somehow isn’t tripping the light sensors. :wink:

The Wyze GDC depends on these separate built-in GDO safety functions to function, but really only looks for the QR code to call the door closed. If the QR code doesn’t stay in the calibrated closed position, then there probably is a problem.

So the Wyze GDC doesn’t detect directly if something is in the way; it depends on the GDO to do its job, and if the result isn’t a closed condition, then it reports that to you.

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Yes, the sensors on the GDO should override the Wyze one, and force the door to open back up.

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