Garage Door Controller QR code callibration issues

Thanks, @m_devore. In your case, I don’t think there are any communication errors when the controller’s wire and wall button wire are connected to the same spot because you already tried the terminal shorting method when the wall button wires are plugged and it worked. I think what you can try next is to re-wire the wall button wires and the controller wires to the garage opener. Make sure to twist the wall button wires and the controller wires securely and then try again

Did you use the power adapter and power cord from the garage door controller package? or you were using other adapters and cords? Make sure to use the adapter and cord that came with the controller package even though they may look identical to others.

Also could you please ask the following questions for me:
Did you hear:

  1. hear the 5-second beeping from the Wyze Cam v3
  2. see the 5-second flashing light warning from the controller
  3. hear the ‘click’ sound from the controller when you got close to the controller
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Can anyone tell me if it matters which wire goes to which screw on the garage motor?

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There is no polarity, they can go either way.


Newshound is correct

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Can you also take a picture of what your wall button looks like? Make sure any locking feature from your wall button is off. For example: If I press this button, I could not open my door via the app nor the wall button/remote clicker

@WyzeHongfei - I am having similar issues as the others. Log ID 559318. During QR Calibration, the door opens. However, when I click to close, the chime is heard and the light flashes, there is a click, but the door does not close. The door operates correctly from the wall button. The controller passed the short circuit test and is on the list of compatible controllers. Wiring was verified. Connections to the Y adapter were verified. The Y adapter and power supply that came with the controller are being used. The camera and app are latest beta firmware. The camera, controller and garage door opener were power cycled. Wiring was removed from the opener and twisted together with wall switch wires to ensure good connection. QR Calibration does not complete. Pressing the button in the app during live view results in clicking being heard but the door does not actuate. Photos of the setup, garage door controller, live view and QR code placement was submitted with the Log file.

Hi pruitts, thank you for your detailed feedback! “when I click to close, the chime is heard and the light flashes, there is a click” which means the connection from your v3 camera and controller and the power supply is good. Could you help me try one thing: Open your garage door, and then use the terminal shorting method (option 2) in the compatibility checker to short the wall button terminals and see if your garage door will close or not.
By the way, I could not see your photos. Can you also tell me the make/model of your garage opener?


Thank you for the quick response. I just tried the short circuit with the door open and the door shut as expected. I then tried to repeat the QR calibration and it failed again when the door was supposed to shut.

I’ve attached the photos to this email for you to see. My opener is a Chamberlain Whisper Drive Plus.


Hello, I just purchased and tried to install the garage door controller bundle. Having the same issue like Pruitts with the second half of the QR calibration (garage door wouldnt close after clicking the button from app calibration the second time). With the tip of removing the wires from the existing wall mount controller and only having the wyze controller wires connected, I was able to successfully complete the calibration and able to open and close the door via app. However, this mean my wall mount controller is no longer functional. Hope to hear back from the support team.

Once you finished calibration, did you plug the wall control wires back up? Did it stop working again?

Yeah, I reconnected both wires and ended with the same calibration issue. So far, only able to get one of the two to work. Either the wall mount or the app. Wondering if theres another way to splice in the wyze controller wires without interupting/confusing the garage unit :thinking:

Once you calibrate without the wall button connected, do you need to recalibrate once you reconnect the wall button and the controller together?

I’m seeing a lot of others in the list having this same issue. I’m surprised this wasn’t an issue caught before release.

Wondering by chance if you are using regular firmware or beta firmware on your app and V3?

My exact problem too.

And thank you everyone for your help so far, very appreciated!

As long as you don’t change the position of the camera or the QR code you shouldn’t need to recalibrate. Calibration is only to identify the position of the QR code in the camera view.

My guess is the limited number of Beta testers didn’t have someone that had the same model of garage door opener as yourself.

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Hi pruitts, thanks for your update. This could be a compatibility issue that we did not encounter in our beta testing. Don’t worry, we are still investigating the cause and figuring out if there are any changes we can make on the software side to fix this. We will take care of this case.
By the way, once you have calibrated without the wall button connected, as long as you don’t change the camera view or QR code sticker location, you do not need to re-calibrate.
What color is your garage door opener’s Learn button?

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Do you have the exact same garage door opener model? What color is your garage opener’s learn button?

Hi there. I have a purple learn button. I was able to short the wires in the control pad.
I have a craftsman 139539 18D

Hi, I got the same issue with a square purple learn button from a Chamberlain Whisper Drive Plus door opener model number HD900D.