Garage Door Controller Open Door Action

Why is there no open door action when creating a rule?


‘Open’ wasn’t provided in Rules for security purposes.


Just got off the line with support and was surprised by the lack of an action to “Open the garage door” when creating a rule.
Hoping this get visibility to be added as a feature or an explanation is provided as to why this is lacking currently.


“Open” was intentionally not provided for security reasons. To convince Wyze to add this feature, please add your comment to and/or vote for Additional action to “open” Wyze Garage Door Controller.


100% support of adding this feature.


From the considerable feedback Wyze received on the security flaws that were only flaws if someone was already on your network, it is unlikely they will ever add ‘open door’ as a Rule option. :neutral_face:

there’s rules to unlock your wyze lock so why not garage?


Made a discovery today. I’m connected via the “short the terminals” process and it would appear that the “Close The Garage Door” rule command just trips the switch - it doesn’t specifically tell the door to open or close. I have it set up to close when I leave my home location. When I pulled out of the garage, I closed the door via the switch in my car (I was planning to use the Location Rule Command in Wyze as a backup in case I forgot to close the door). When I reached my destination I saw the notification that my door was open. I closed the door remotely with the app.

I then created a new enter Location Rule and chose “Close The Garage Door” as the action just to see if it would work. Sure enough, when I entered the location area it opened the door.

It’s a work around for sure and I suspect that later garage door models that utilize the learn button won’t work this way,

What you experienced makes me wonder if it can see the QR code. Is the QR code calibrated? Can the camera see it well?

The way it should work is the GDC controller receives the command to close the door. It checks the QR code. If it sees the QR code in the closed position, it does nothing. If it does not see the QR code in that position, it shorts the terminals. Shorting the terminals can make the door open or close on all installations, but you only get unpredicable behavior if the camera can’t see the QR code when it gets to the closed position.

Are you getting Open / Closed pairs at expected times in Accessories > Garage Door Controller > Garage Door Events?

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I hate hate hate this excuse. Let costumers opt into opening functions with a disclaimer and waiver. Let us decide for ourselves what security we need or want. So in their eyes its perfectly ok for somone to open my front door lock somehow using the triggers, but not the garage door? Its a senseless omission and is half the reason a lot of people buy wifi garage door openers.


I recalibrated and it now seems to operating correctly - although given the circumstances, I kind of liked it better when it wasn’t :upside_down_face: Thanks for the tip - always better to have it working properly.

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THIS. I purchased this expecting I could fully automate opening/closing based on my use cases. Can someone explain why it’s OK for a door lock–protecting entry in to your house–but not a garage door?

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Agreed, both allow entry into your ‘secured’ spaces,

Why are the two secured spaces treated differently? Why is my car and the garage (that most likely are separate from the house either physically or by an access door to the house (attached garage) more important than the contents of my home (myself and family)?


Automating the opening/closing of the door was the main reason I purchased the controller. It was also advertised to work with Google Assistant…which I have yet to be able to get it to work with. Very disappointed that I have neither of these functions available.