Garage Door Controller - OPEN/CLOSED status on home page

I just installed my garage door opener with V3 camera combo. So far, it is working just fine on my older Chamberlain and can’t complain about the functionality or cost as it’s a darn good deal.

However, I wish it would be easier to see, at a glance, if the door is open or closed. It seems very unnecessary and cumbersome to have to weed through so many menu levels just to get to the events part of this. Would it be possible to just add this to the “normal” events tab? I mean, people aren’t going to be opening and closing their garage door all day so it’s not going to fill up the events tab BUT would make it far easier to see the last time it was operated and if open/closed. Or, even better, on the main page… I see battery level and if the camera is on or off on other stuff so I think it would be better instead of just seeing “Garage door controller” in the small text, make it say “Garage door OPEN” or “Garage door CLOSED” right there. If it says that, it will be obvious to all that’s the garage door controller :slight_smile: In fact, leave the garage door events where they are and my request would be for the latter suggestion. LOL

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Agree with adding an easy to see garage controller button to the home page, it could be green when closed and red when open, or something like that.

That’s not what I was looking for actually. That might be a bit more difficult. LOL! I’m just looking for a status of the garage door as open/closed on the home page. They bring over status right now for temperature, humidity in this area so to bring over the status of the garage door should be some “easier” coding I’d thing. If they could do a button on the home page that would be nice too but I’d like to see them do something easier quicker first. haha! :slight_smile:

I recommend using different icons to indicate whether the garage door is open. Wyze can use colors as well–just don’t make it the only indication. More than 8% of people are red/green colorblind. (A smaller number are blue/yellow colorblind. An even smaller number are monochromatic.)

I agree. Why not add simple status on the home page or the page where all the devices are listed. I have Wyze lock, that shows it’s locked. Or open. Why not do the same for Garage Door?

I would go one further for both locks and the GDC, provide the button to open/close on the list of devices screen. So we don’t have to go thru additional screen to do this.

BTW - the picture in the list of devices is NOT live it’s the last snapshot, so, the garage door may be open even though the picture may show closed.

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Agreed. Instead of the On button, I’d rather have Open and Close buttons. Wyze, please note that I do not want a Toggle button. I could be wrong, but I can’t imagine anyone wants to toggle the state of their garage door; people want to either open or close it. (Of course, if it’s already closed, pressing the Close button should do nothing. Same for Open.)

Although all of the cams display the last thumbnail, somehow it’s more of an issue for the garage door. Maybe the garage door could automatically update its thumbnail every 15-30 minutes?

List Garage Door Controller in the main screen

I see lock listed on the main screen along with my cams. So to look at lock events, I just open it and see it.

But to find the Garage door events, I have to open the camera, then it’s settings, then accessories then Garage door controller and then garage door events.

One step vs 6 steps. Why???

Please move GDC to main page similar to the lock.

I like this idea as well, but I’m going to guess that your garage door remote and the one on the wall has a single button to ‘toggle’ the state of the door, and with that being the case, the GDC is only “smart” enough to ‘push’ that single button to mimic what your remote and wall button is capable of doing.

Perhaps utilizing the AI of the Camera staring at the QR Code on the garage door, they can make this two buttons of Open, and Close a reality.

That said… one of my wyze cam’s in the garage detected a ‘Person’ in the garage just past midnight (there was most certainly no one in the closed garage at that time (I even verified with footage on my Amcrest Camera in the Garage, meanwhile, my V3’s in my backyard have lost the ability to see a Raccoon walk right past it (last year it was doing fine, many, many Raccoon clips made it to the cloud)).

So, the question is, can we trust the V3 Cam in the Garage to see that QR Code 100% of the time to trust that my garage door is in the proper position?

It takes just one ‘whoops’ where the AI might see a phantom Cat and Dog party in my garage, or didn’t see it… or… Al Gore takes the Internet Down, and now I have no AI to read the QR Code…


Yes, and when I’m in a position to press my wall button, I can see whether the door is open, so I know whether to press it or not. Similarly, the Wyze cam can see the QR code (or not) and know whether the door is open or closed. After all, that’s it’s raison d’être. :slight_smile: And, with the camera, we can always double-check the door’s status, if we’re not sure the Wyze cam’s “AI” is right.

(I’m still not sure why we need the QR code when it should be trivial for an “AI” that can [usually] detect people and vehicles to tell the difference between an open and closed door.)