Garage Door Controller Camera--Extending the 15' Camera Range

The instructions for the Garage Door Controller camera say the camera must be mounted 3-15 feet from the door where the QR code is located. The V3 is a 1080p wide-screen camera which can watch the entire garage but they say we must put it 15’ away and illustrate this by mounting it on a bar which most garage door installations don’t have (running width-wise across and between the two tracks). This was unacceptable to me. So I enlarged my QR code by double and now I can mount it on the back wall of my garage and see the whole garage and calibrate it on the QR code just fine.


@spamoni4 did this for his too. I think this is a GREAT idea so you can put the camera much farther back and use the camera to cover the entire garage and be more useful. Just need to make sure that nothing is ever going to accidentally block the direct sight to the QR code by accident, so mounting it up high like this is smart, and keeping the QR code high on the door too. This should work GREAT!


Smart work. The whole watch-on-high-for-QR-code approach still seems excessively Rube Goldbergian and ugly but this is a fine hack around some of its limitations.