Garage door controller as Home Monitoring sensor

It would be great to use the garage door controller as a sensor in the monitoring product to enable alarms and more.

I wanted to elaborate on Steve5858’s post, because I think there are numerous potential applications for 1) camera detection of “line-of-sight”, and 2) actuations that require contacts to be opened or closed. The Garage Door Controller (GDC) provides the hardware as a bundled package simply for the one stated purpose, but there are many more - especially for hobbyists willing to get creative.

I have owned a MyQ garage opener for a few years, and it works well. However, my garage is VERY small. When my vehicle is in the garage and the hatch is open, the garage door will scrape the hatch if it closes. I have considered hobbyists solutions to shoot an IR beam to detect a clear path to close, but decided it was too difficult and expensive. The new Wyze GDC could be used to solve this problem. I would electrically tie into the IR GD obstruction sensor circuit to prevent operation of the GD when the hatch is open.

I would need to position the camera/QR code in a way that the QR code is blocked when the hatch is open. Then, I would need Wyze to allow a trigger when OPEN to depower an AC switch, that releases a relay, that opens the obstruction circuit. When the hatch is closed, the QR code is seen (CLOSED), which would power a switch, close a relay, and complete the obstruction circuit, allowing the GD to operate normally.

This would be even easier if the GDC contact module could be driven directly open or closed (without the nuisance lights and alarms), to avoid purchasing a Wyze switch and external relay.

This is just one of many applications that incorporate logic based on line-of-sight.

Wyze Garage Door integration with Home Monitoring

When the Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller is installed, I would like to be able to add it as a sensor for the Wyze Home Monitoring system, like any other Wyze Cams. It should be able to provide info on whether the garage door was opened (or closed), and also an image. It makes no sense to have to install a magnetic door sensor on the garage door that already has the Wyze Garage Door Controller installed.

Please integrate those two wonderful products so the system can be even better.