Gaps in recording

@sdorshan… what it the ticket# you got from your support case on this?

I have three V1’s and one V2. When I checked yesterday, only two of the V1’s had the problem with the gaps.

There are no alerts that happened during the gaps. On the other hand, from an older post above, there should have been an alert during one of the gaps, but I got neither the alert nor the regular recording. The alert recording should happen regardless of whether there is a memory card.

A network problem shouldn’t interfere with memory card recording, and a memory card problem shouldn’t interfere with alert recording.

Maybe something is interfering with the general operation of the camera, and just freezing it up for brief periods.

I just submitted the ticket, #50562.

Well aside from this forum’s incompetent UI, I have this problem and wyze has been unresponsive

OK, now on desktop so I can see what I type…

More details: ticket 223420 created 5/18/19. Several back & forth with Support. SD card out, back in, reformat. Nada. Sent screenshot showing that gaps correspond to a file that is shorter than most, that I can play manually, but causes the visible gap in Wyze playback (see screenshot).

THEN, instructed to install RouteThis Helps on my Android device, run it, and report back the code it generates. Did all that on 5/19/19, 2.5 weeks ago.
Total silence from Wyze since then. Seems to me this is a fundamental defect in a camera supposedly suitable for surveillance and monitoring…

Sorry to hear about your experience! I scooped up your ticket and appreciate you letting us know about this problem.

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Thank you Gwendolyn for fielding my issue. I was losing hope that
Wyze would respond. I even created a new ticket pointing to the
initials “gaps” ticket, to no avail.

And yes, the Event clips not playing should be closed, as that

problem came and then went without my doing anything.


You’re welcome. Thanks for letting me know about this problem. I don’t see a response from you in our system. Did you also send a reply email back?

Thank you for the confirmation that there were two different problems but one was resolved. It looks as if support thought that the two problems were related and they closed the ticket with the recording gaps as well (leading to your support dropping off). I’ll make sure this is clearly outlined when I pass your ticket over to a tech so that someone more experienced (and useful) can help you out. :slight_smile:

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I have attached my last message re: ticket?? 223420. I believe it
contains the entire thread between Wyze and me on this issue,
including steps Wyze asked me to take, and my results. Please ensure
this ticket is re-opened so that I may receive help.
Fred Ehrhardt

(Attachment [Wyze Ticket 223420] Re: Feedback: gaps in recording.eml is missing)

Well, your mail system rejected my attachment *.eml - here it is as
a PDF.

Re_ [Wyze Ticket 223420] Re_ Feedback_ gaps in recording.pdf (376 KB)

Since your previous tickets were closed, I responded to 241595 so we’ll be working through that one. I apologize for making you jump through hoops, but could you please try sending your response to that ticket without the attachment? Before I hand your ticket off, I want to make sure that you and your agent will be able to communicate.

I’m having a similar issue albeit a bit different. Instead of clear gaps in the playback timeline as reported. By OP, the entire playback timeline is shaded in green but there are certain minute recordings which will not play back and will be skipped…

Not sure if it helps the investigation but I noticed that my v2 camera will crap out if the footage it is capturing has too much movement in frame. In my specific case and where I mount the camera, there’s a small tree which during windy conditions will cause the leaves and branches to sway rapidly. I find under those conditions, the cameras slow bit rate can’t keep up with the compression/encoding and results in a recording that could not be played back.

Sometimes, that minutes worth of recording will not be playable, sometimes it’s several minutes worth (e.g 5-7 mins). Even the event recording sent to the cloud does not playback. As a test, I setup my old Arlo Q right beside the Wyze cam and the recording was fine, even though I could see drop frames at times. Nonetheless, the recording was usable on the Arlo but not the Wyze.


I have noticed that on my Wyze (version 1) with an SD card, if I go in the past that I see several holes in the history timeline. The screenshot attached shows what I mean.

I tried to reboot the Wyze camera without better success. Any idea?

I don’t think there is any solution yet for this…

I’d try formatting the card and see if the problem persists. If so, file a support request (in the app: Account > Help & Feedback > Report and Issue).

Enough with the “Reformat the card” already. I reported this in May of 2018. Look back in the thread. I’ve reformatted and I’ve replaced the card. There are cases already open.

In the past, I’ve suspected that there is an association between event uploads and the gaps in the recording, but when I checked today, there were no events at the time of the gaps.

Wyze, are you telling us that with all the V1 cameras you have there that none has ever had a gap?

I do see this occasionally myself. (To be clear, I don’t work for Wyze.)

What was the result of your support case?

I don’t have any events where my gaps are. I only noticed the gaps in 2 of my 3 wyze v1 cameras. @WyzeGwendolyn, do you know if there are any updates on this issue? It’s been over a year and there is no fix.

Sorry @Loki, I saw Moderator and figured that was company advice.

There has been no action on my case. I’d be happy to send them the camera if that would help.

If they would send me a replacement camera and a return shipping label, maybe it would help them find the problem.

As far as the event recording, there were a couple of times where I wanted to see more of an event, and the recording happened to be missing at that time. It’s as if something the camera is doing is too much for it to handle, so maybe its record buffer overflows before it can be written to the card.

@Scott56 Could you post your support ticket number here so I can pass it along to Wyze?