FYI about interior steel core garage doors

Just an FYI, I found out that if you have a steel core interior door between your garage and your house, the Wyze Sense sensor cannot be placed there. What happens, is that when the door opens, the magnet in the slim portion of the sensor is drawn towards the steel core of the door as it swings open and is slowly pulled off its adhesive mount. In my case, the door worked for a day or so, but then started to jam as the sensor would get pulled off and prevent the door from closing properly.

Love the sensors elsewhere in my house though!


I had this issue, Velcro command strips seem to have fixed it.


yes, I had a similar issue with our side door where it would always tilt downwards and then the door could not be closed.


i also had this problem, I added 3M double sided stick strips and it seemed to lift it enough off the door to fix it


Would swapping the positions of the parts of the sensor also solve this?

I didn’t have enough room to swamp them on my door frame but that might work.