Full motion recordings Cam Outdoor with SD cards.

Well, if they don’t allow full motion record without cam plus being required, I will not be buying more of them. And I will be pretty disappointed

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No point in having an SD card if you can’t just record to it for free like any other camera with an SD card.

I just finished typing up this feature request. Doesn’t look like I need to creat the post as this one seems to have it covered.

I agree with everyone that full motion capture locally shouldn’t be tied to a license,

The only change I would make to this feature request is that the camera records until the motion sensor gives the all clear plus 5 seconds. There is no reason to put a time limit on the recording especially since it is recorded locally.

Actually thinking about this a bit more, a natural extension of this feature would be if the user has elected to view the live stream of the camera that this feed should be recorded automatically and stored on the camera and base station. This feature should have no impact on the battery as the user manually turned the camera on.