Full Color Smart Bulb

Aloha to all, I have lifx bulbs and panels, they work great in every application i have deployed. The only other Smart home product i use is WYZE, all connected with google home mini and chromecast devices. LIFX just has items that suit my needs. a multi color range of Light Strips, Bulbs, and Light panels from WYZE would be a home run.IMO…i would certainly love to have one less “provider”…for me evry product that WYZE has come out with works fabulously and to date …with out fail…simple and stable,
Mahalo ,
Mike N


Agree. With all the other companies doing full color bulbs, there’s no reason Wyze shouldn’t get in the game! If the consumer wants it, why wait for them to buy elsewhere? Seize the moment Wyze!

I would like to see the wyze smart bulb in green light for grow rooms

Maybe increased brightness tunable white bulbs too, like 75w & 100w equivalent luminosity.