Full Color Smart Bulb

Full color bulb. A full color bulb application instead of just tunable white. :wink:

Agreed! Hard for people like me who have Philips Hue to ditch them if only white bulbs are available.

I’d use the color with sensors and IFTTT. Different colors for different sensors. So if the backdoor is opened, it comes on blue. If the freezer door is opened, it comes on green. …


I would love full color bulbs, That way I could start pairing down smart home services/brands

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Yes!!! I need this in my life.

Color changing wyze light bulbs, with selectable colors from the wyze app. With ability to create scenes and turn red and illuminate a way out when smoke/CO is detected


This would be a real plus for Wyze, and if of good quality, I would certainly buy some. I have 4 different brands so far of coloured bulbs, with Phillips Hue being the best (and most expensive). There has to be a fit somewhere for a good quality Wyze bulb with a better price.

I second this emotion!

It will be nice to have the bulbs gradually change color and intensity. For example, in the mornings, they start at 1% candlelight and gradually light up until 100% daylight. That will be great!

Of course, other colors will be great as well…

Would love to see A19 Color bulbs in your lineup.

A full color bulb at a decent price would be awesome. I have two Hue color bulbs but didn’t want to buy more since I think the $50 price tag is ridiculous for a light.

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Yeah! Do it.

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Would love to see the smart light bulb have full color changing capabilities. Not just the the different tones.

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I would love to see the wyze bulb go full rgb, and call alexa when things get spicy!! “Alexa bedroom light to red”

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I just installed the current bulbs for someone. They work very well.

I second that Wyze needs one that has more color options for the bulbs as well as for outdoor use.


Yes, because Hue is just too expensive to get into, but I’ve wanted this for a while. Great for setting moods and it would be great for notification on events like others have suggested.

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I sure hope this happens, it would be great for holidays in my porch lights. Im tempted to try the Feit bulbs at costco for now but the reviews are very bad. My Wyze is always very stable.

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I love my FEIT bulbs from Costco. No issues and the app is better than the Wyze app. You get full RGB, 4 bulbs for 50, and I love them.

I returned my Wyze bulbs after I discovered them. RGB or nothing IMO.

Absolutely all for this. The no-hub ‘other brand’ we’ve been using is a) expensive, 2] unreliable, and C:\ SUPER expensive! Pls make it happen, WyzeGuys.

FEIT bulbs are completely reliable. Highly recommend. Great app too.