FTP Option?

Are there plans to have an ftp upload function? I have a camera from a different company in which I use this option.

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FTP is very low on the list of requested integrations, but I’ve added your vote on Wyze’s feature request tracker. On the other hand, RTSP is the top requested integration and is being considered. I have no idea when that might happen, but if it does, RTSP should allow you to stream video to local storage.


Add my vote for the ftp capabilities. I would like to have the ability to stream a weather cam to a website via ftp protocol. RTSP could be an alternative. Thanks.

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This topic is now moved over here to the #wishlist category. You can now vote for it using the VOTE button at the top of the page.

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With MaxDrive canceled this is important.
If the camera (w/ tiny $5 SD Card) could be configured to FTP video’s when writing the file is complete,…

Most off the shelf NAS Drives can be FTP’d to, Cloud Services can have FTP configured, You can even install a FTP server on an old phone, tablet or laptop.

Currently (if 24/7 recording is desired) people are buying in for $20 and to get a reliable grade SD card with enough space for 7-14 days; spending another $20-$40 on top of that for a solution of $40-$60 per camera.

5-10 cameras and you are in the $400 - $600 range for a 24/7 monitoring solution.

With FTP like I’ve described the solution, the total cost would be $125 - $250

I would like the cameras with an SD card to have an FTP server. But I don’t think they necessarily need to automatically send any files. I can have a script on my computer automatically pull files on a regular basis. There are file sync programs that will do this for you.

Saw this on “the” reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/wyzecam/comments/c3msvg/really_big_sd_card/).

No specific info was given (hardware or software) as to how the individual used an NFS share to connect as an “sd card.”

And, as I’m not all that technical, I have no idea what any of that really means or if it’s even relevant.

I would also like FTP storage My PR4100 will not accept RTSP, but will support FTP protocol.