Front door sensor placement

I’m looking for the best placement of my Wyze sensor around our front door/porch. Primarily seeking notifications when someone (or something) is in front of our door or on our porch. I’ve tried several locations so far but getting a crazy number of false positives.
When I place the sensor anywhere on the porch facing the front door, either (1) our dog triggers the sensor when he appears in the windows on either side of the front door or (2) reflections from cars/people in the street trigger the sensors. If the sensor has any exposure to the street, I get notifications for all cars and people.

I’ve attached two pictures – one of the front door/porch from the street, the second from the front door to the street.

I’m at a loss as to where I can place the sensor. Any ideas?




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Well, yeah… these sensors are pretty fantastic. They have great range. I have mine placed directly above the front door. It can get triggered by a car driving past the house, on the street about 40 feet away. Or someone walking their dog 50 feet way. OR the neighbor pulling out of his driveway.

Since there is no sensitivity setting - in the app or the device - you’re going to have to get creative to reduce the triggers you don’t want. Try angling the sensor downward. Design some “blinders” (simple cardboard works) to limit what the sensor can see… but it’s going to take some fiddling to get it perfect for your applications.


Try to put a toilet paper tube around it to focus the beam at the area you want to detect.


I don’t recommend this as an actual cam mount, but with a little creativity it works very well as an adjustable mount for precision angling of the motion sensor forward distances. You have to test, adjust repeatedly.

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I placed motion senors facing downwards with a piece of PVC tubing to limit the detection radius thus reducing false trips greatly. Trick is figuring out the diameter and length one need to fit their application.

This is one that I have mounted under the eave by my driveway entry. It picks up people entering or walking on the sidewalk, but doesn’t on the vehicles that pass by on the street …


I’ve placed mine on top. Totally unprotected and it’s work in temps at -30°. Mine triggers the the porch lights at night and during day triggers Alexa to say “Maizy is cold”. (My dog). This way when she goes out day or night I know when she’s back and no jumping on a door to get my attention.