Free Person Detection From Wyze

I am glad to announce that I am having absolutely no issues with “person detection”… But that would be because I use RTSP and apparently not worthy of updates. :disappointed:

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work as it should. I have passed by cam numerous times but didn’t get any alerts. It worked couple times at first.

Basically, they can’t fit RTSP and any newer features introduced in the regular firmware released after Dec 2018.

Statement from Wyze on the support pages.

Note - Since Edge AI relies on up to date firmware, this service will not work with cameras running the Wyze RTSP firmware.

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I had previously posted my issue with the feature, and to be clear I am not complaining only looking to provide input that will help the product mature and improve.

Should there be maybe some templates or something? I see allot of people saying it doesnt work, some submit videos and screenshots, but would it be helpful to let individuals know what you need?

I would think how we all use the cam will impact the accuracy. So for example, I keep one of two cameras lower within reach, its used to observe outside which has good visibility and minimal obstructions. My expectation is low for lower light, but typically misses as mentioned at the far left or right of vision at objects moving left to right, and usually good with objects approaching head on… etc etc.

I understand, just being a wyze guy :grinning: I love the camera, love the company. Just a little frustrated because RTSP is a necessity for me. Anybody who has cameras other than Wyze, has to be somewhat frustrated…they are so close. But RTSP does not seem to be an important issue for them. I need my Wyze to integrate with my other cameras. I don’t want any of my cameras to “have” to be connected to the internet, unless I want them to be. I think my situation is probably fairly common.

Now I am not very technical oriented, but I have managed to get 5 other cameras, working through openvpn and using Blue iris. I have also managed to flash my one test Wyze camera that I have on an aquarium. It works, but it is kind of high maintenance. And the attitude coming from the company regarding RTSP… I just don’t see it getting any better in the future. Hope I am wrong. Being that they are so inexpensive, I may try and integrate a few more of them anyway. Sorry if this is off topic.

I love the idea of person detection. Will it still detect cars driving into my driveway?

I was getting 5 videos of my neighbor’s cat. I also see a palm frond dangling in front of my camera with no alerts.

I haven’t seen any people walk up my driveway. will test when I return home.

Thanks for the new feature!

  • Version - Is the firmware update
  • You will also need to update the App itself (iOS = v2.4.65 and Android = v2.4.82)

After the app update, you will go to “Account” then “Wyze Service” and follow to prompts to enable “Person Detection” service.

Person detection is working great!
I had notification turned off completely on one of the cameras because the insects were triggering it every minute all night long.
Now I have the notification back on with person mode only.

Thank you!


Person detection does not work. I had a package delivery driver leave a package but it was not flagged as an event.
You really don’t know it’s not working unless you know for a fact a person was in front of the Cam but you did not get an event flagged.
I had a UPS truck drive down my street in front of my house and that was flagged as a person.
The biggest flaw however is a car can drive by the cam and a event is flagged but then a person can get out of that car or another and come up to the door and nothing is flagged or recorded. once an event is triggered it does not record long enough and ignores any other movement for a set period of time after the initial trigger.

The is constantly being improved through users submitting videos through the app. If you want to help the AI improve, please see this article on the support section of the Wyze website. :slight_smile:


By the nature of how the AI works, it will almost never detect a person getting out of a car when the car drives up. Here’s why… the car moving in the frame triggers the motion event. The AI analyzes that 12-second event for a person, but the person doesn’t get out of the car in the first 12 seconds. By the time the person gets out of the car, the camera is in the 5-minute cool down period, no motion event is generated, and therefore the AI is not run. By the time the 5-minute cooldown is over, the person has left the field of view.

Motion events are only triggered by motion within the detection zone but the AI is run on the entire field of view. By setting a detection zone, you may be able to improve this situation.

Regarding the false positives of cars driving by… the cameras were not designed for outdoor use, even pointing out a window (even though many use them this way). Note that in the article that @DreadPirateRush posted above, it says:

  • The distance between the camera and the target area of interest where people will likely appear should be between 2 - 20 feet.

My iPhone’s app store didn’t show the update when I looked on July 9. Instead of an update button, it only offered “open.” A Wyze techie told me to click on that Wyze logo to the left of open. And then an update was revealed to me.

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My Wyze camera works great outdoors while away on vacation from inside. When I select Person Detection while monitoring my driveway, I only got two false alarms. No one visited my house while I was away and I no longer receive any cat videos. When I drove up in my driveway, the camera notified me straight away. Later, I walked down the driveway and Person Detection activated. I monitor from the front yard up to the sidewalk. This is well beyond 20 feet.

Did they filter out cats, butterflies and light changes?

Works great. Thanks.

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Eassier way is just to pull down on the list of apps to be updated. It will refresh and show you the current versions. On its own, that list only updates once every few days, I think. In my opinion they should change that so it updates every time you select the list too.

Some may think that is a bad thing! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I really like the Person detection feature and have it installed on all 7 of my cameras. I shared several videos with Wyze using the share link on the People Motion videos. In every case, with one exception, I have seen a person in the video. However, I have seen people in a number of Smart Video alerts that are not recognized as people. It might be good to also provide a share link in these videos so Wyze would get more info on the times the camera is not recognizing people. Thanks for the People recognition, I can now keep my outdoor camera notifications on all the time since there are far less false alarms.

Smart video alerts driven by a sensor are not currently configured to detect people. It has to be a standard camera pixel motion alert.


Person detection whacked out today, worked fine yesterday, It is tagging Cats As people every time ( cams shared with me )and there is nothing at the bottom to share the results On any clips.
If I go back to 1 AM Tap on a clip The whole app just Closes, crashes, this is not the first time that has happened.

Now free Cat detection!!
@WyzeGwendolyn will love it!


Funny. That is what my Mom said. :no_entry_sign::cat2: