Free Person Detection From Wyze

Follow my instructions, lol

Tried that and there is no Wyze app update available (for any version). Just updated 3 days ago to 2.4.34.

Dude, it will work. Never fails. Run App Store, go to updates, pull down to refresh list, install. No one else has failed this today.

This is a new version as of today.

Well ‘Dude’, it does fail. I went through all of that and there were no updates available. Finally, turned phone off and back on and then repeated and updates were available. Interesting that the app doesn’t have the link or information that a new update is available.

Glad you went above and beyond and got back to us. :+1:

From the AMA my understanding is you can’t have only people notifications, yet. So you will still have all other motion events.

You can specify under notifications which alerts to receive: people, other motion, and sound

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You have the option to have only person detected NOTIFICATIONS but you cannot have only person detected recorded events. You still get other motion events recorded but with the OPTION to turn off ALL OTHER MOTION event NOTIFICATIONS. As discussed in the AMA video at least it was made clear that they are looking into adding a trigger that will allow person detected events to only be recorded. This will address the issue of the cool down period allowing the camera to miss a person detected event while it is potentially busy all day long recording things like the clouds moving. I hope they add this trigger option soon, it is heavily discussed in other forums so they have known about this issue for a while.


What they have done is a good start and doing what you said would be amazing


there is not currently a filter to ONLY detect people

the people detection is basically a filter.

the filter currently works for example…

  1. something triggers the camera ( be that a person or not)
  2. using edge computing on the camera the AI algorithm marks the 12 second clip as either having a person or not having a person.
    3 under your events tab on the far right side each clip with have a small person figure if the clip was determined that a person was in the clip or —>
  3. using the filter on the top right of the events page you can sort by individual or multiple cameras and also filter as clips ONLY containing people.

Does not work for me on my Wyze V2 through the window.

The person detection does not work at all? but do you still get event recordings?

It works every time indoor but does not notify my all the time plus it doesn’t detect any person through the window. Total useless.

hmmmm, do you know about the cool down period for notifications?

and in the AMA they mentioned some, not much, but some decreased accuracy at more extreme angles. what angle is it at when looking through the window? or is there a lot of reflection on the window it is looking through?

( post a picture of the camera view if you have one)

I am aware of the cool down. There is only reflection when it gets direct sunlight. But at the moment there is none and I am jumping up and down in front of it and no notification at all or detection.

what is your detection sensitivity set to?

I just read it wasn’t working for a few people until they rebooted the cameras.

ok, so you got it working.

I have read about that bug but I wasn’t one to have that issue so it didn’t dawn on me.

sorry I couldn’t be quicker help there.

I understand that. My problem is that I’m still getting notifications for ALL motion, despite having it set to notify me only of motion with a person in it. In other words, despite me changing the settings, notifications are no different than they were before.

I changed my settings so that I should only be receiving notifications for person-detected events, yet I’m still getting notifications for 100% of ALL events, even those without people in them. I don’t even mind that it’s recording the other events, really. I’d just prefer to not be notified when the sun shines into my windows and causes an “event” or when the camera on my desk picks up a notification received on my iPad and records it.