Free Person Detection From Wyze

I want to commend Wyze for developing interesting and useful features while also respecting the privacy and dignity of their customers. Even the wording on the features demonstrates a commitment to respecting the customer and treating them like a customer not a product. Being told in an EULA how I will get raped is not very helpful, providing meaningful opt-in/opt-out choices to not get screwed is respect.

  1. It is exciting that the detection runs on the device itself and does not require transmission of data to operate.
  2. Images may be submitted for algorithm improvement but is it clearly Opt-In and for a specific purpose.

This is refreshing.
Thank you.

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Will person detection be free for all cameras always? Because it says free for all “existing” cameras, implying that if I were to buy another camera, I would have to pay for the service for that new camera.

I believe it means For these Two models , v2 and Pan Wyze Cams!
New products they come out with might be different And the v1’s Are not supported
@WyzeGwendolyn my be able to Clarify for sure


That makes sense

Suggestion. Have the AI be able to determine approaching and/or moving away. Then integrate that with notifications. For instance, someone is approaching my front door… and I get a notification or stream the feed to a specific device. Wyze seems to be on the precipice of eclipsing all other systems.

UPDATE The option appeared once i updated the app

There’s no person detection option in the app although i’ve updated it

great job guys. congratulations!

You’re missing the Wyze Service menu option. It is in there…

I’m still getting notifications on ANY motion. Even a change of lighting in the room (without any object moving) triggers a recording as well as a consequent notification. Sensitivity is set in the middle range at 49. Thought I would only get notifications if it sensed a person in it…

Check your notification settings for the camera.

Under notification settings, you can specify notifications for people, other motion, and sounds.

Notifications are already set for People only, yet I’m getting notifications for any and every motion.

  1. Under Wyze Services, Person Detection is enabled.

  2. From the Account tab --> Notifications - all settings for each cam are set to send notifications to Person only. All Other Motion/Sound are toggled OFF.

  3. From the live stream page of each individual cam, I’ve gone into Settings and set Notifications to Person only. All Other Motion/Sound are toggled OFF.

***Despite the above, I still get notifications sent to me when there’s not a person in the recorded video. Remotely turning a bright light on, for instance, is interpreted by the cam as motion, and I get a notification for it. Open up the blinds in one room, and the additional sunshine illuminates the next room with a cam, and it thinks the extra light is actually motion…and sends a notification. One cam picked up notifications coming in on my iPad screen, sensed it as motion, and sent a notification. So the idea of getting only notifications when people are involved isn’t working for me. Every time I’ve tested it, it’s been a 100% failure rate. Not sure what I’m missing. It’s entirely possible that I’m doing something completely stupid… Beats me.

This is a great idea and was hoping I’d be able to start using night vision (not used because of all the bugs setting off the cameras) and was also hoping to stop using detection zone for the same reason and car headlights. So after turning those things off and enabling night vision, the camera still captures the motion (but doesn’t send a notification which is fine) but now what happens is that those other motions are still stored and what happens is that the “person” capture doesn’t happen if lets say a car drove by two mins ago. Since there is a 5 min lapse between captures, I rarely get person notifications because of cars and bugs which makes me have to revert back to turning on the lights outside and turning off night vision and putting the detection zones back on. So unfortunately this doesn’t help me actually see the needed notification because the other bugs, cars and headlights and so on still trigger a detection which doesn’t capture people if they walk within the 5 mins of a car driving by.

Mine doesn’t either. All cams up to date and there is NO update offered by Apple store. Last one was on July 1, 2019. No Wyse Service, no person detection…everything is the same as before.

GUESS WHAT: Apple store just poped up an update for Wyze…hours AFTER this was suppose to be available.

Yeah, the Apple app store has a weakness that it won’t show you the current version, it will show you the last known update in your cache. If you pull down the list of apps to be updated it will refresh and show you the very latest.

I always refresh that list every time I am in the app store update area now.

I did not expect this to be a free feature.
It makes me love Wyze even more!
Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ve updated the Firmware and the App and still do not see “Wyze Service” under Account. I-Phone 8

Do you have wyzecam v2 or the wyze pan? Make sure you have the latest app as referenced above by Newshound

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Do you have today’s version of the app? (v2.4.65 for iOS, v2.4.82 for Android) To see the most recent version in the iOS app store, pull down to refresh the list of apps to be updated.

No I don’t have v2.4.65 for iOS. Just updated recently to v2.4.34. Have tried to figure out how to get latest version from the app, but so far, no success. Account, About app page gives current version, but no link to upgrade app.