Frame rate dropped to 1/3fps


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Glad to hear it

I can also report that this has fixed the issue for me.

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Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation, folks! We really appreciate your help with this one. :grin:

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THANK YOU! This is great.

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Looks like the update finally fixed the issue. Thanks for getting this done.

While you probably can’t say, I’d sure like to know what the issue was inside the app that caused this.

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You’re welcome, folks! I’m sorry to say that I don’t have specific information about what went funky in the app to cause this.

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I have been fighting and thought it was my setup since I thought only 1 of my cams were V1 level. Just discovered both are. The two V2 4.10 and the PAN work fine…

Ugh. Thought this was fixed. Seems it’s broken again!

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I’ve never noticed this problem before today. I’ve got a V1 and it just started showing the live feed at 1/3 frame per second. I googled the issue and it brought me to this thread. It seems like this is an old issue that was fixed at one point but maybe it’s back now?


Here we go again. I thought that you guys fixed this issue. Well, it’s back.

For me it seems to be back on in playback and (again) it’s frustrating as hell.

Restarted the cams, no change. Power cycled the cams, no change.

If this is the iOS app, perhaps you put the bug back in the latest iteration. Please check this and let us know if it’s cams or the app.

If it’s the app, when it’s fixed, I won’t be upgrading for AWHILE. This is stupid that we’re dealing with this issue again. Please stop rolling out new products until you can properly support the one you already have out.

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this is so frustrating that I need to take out my spare Android phone to check the footage because of the bug resurface again

Boy am I glad that when I opened up my Wyze app on my iPhone to check if my cameras are still useless (yes)…I was greeted with a nice spam message asking me if I wanted to spend more money on an enhancement to a worthless product (Cam Plus).

Add to that, I got an email today asking if I wanted buy their new product—a lawn sprinkler controller! Neat! I’m guessing that it will have a glitch and you will flood your property. Awesome.

By the way, thanks for the quick response from the dev team on resurrecting this bug. Except the response was to do nothing.

Good luck on the new products that I won’t be buying. If you don’t want to fix this bug, I guess I’ll have to resume researching another home camera product.

Wyze…you’re certainly living up to the old saying, “you get what you pay for.”


Sorry to hear this. They lost me as a customer for sure. I’ll be looking to Amazon from now on.
I wonder if they outsource the programming for their products… that may explain the lack of urgency as they don’t know how to clearly explain their requirements… like working legacy systems. LOL if I was the program manager I’d be looking for a new job right about now.

This is ridiculous. This is the second round of this frame rate problem. Wyze has made it clear that they are not concerned with their customer base, they are only concerned in selling cheap throwaway products that they don’t want to support after they con you out of your money. I have several v1 cameras that have the problem but my v2 cameras are fine (for now). I no longer have any faith in this company or their products. I agree with ruefacile’s statement about how Wyze seems to be proving what the old saying says of “you get what you pay for.” I will also be searching for another home camera system as well, one that hopefully will stand by their product and offer support on their products,

Yay! An update to the iOS app! They surely must have fixed the bug they fixed the last time that they didn’t fix the bug.

Annnd…yeah, still NOT fixed.

C’mon Wyze, I thought you were better than that.

To be fair, the issue has been, and continues to be, resolved for me.

To be fair, the issue was resolved for me as well.

Then it wasn’t.

I’d like them to fix what they have broken. Is there something wrong with that?

Same for me. While live playback is smooth, my V1 camera does the same 1/3 FPS in playback mode.

Happy holidays all!

I’m asking Santa for an iOS BUG FIX for the v1 cams that still don’t work right!!