Forward/Back 30 sec buttons

When reviewing footage, it is difficult to narrow in on a specific time. Attempts to slide the timeline to a known time often are off by +/- 2 min, and even that takes some care to achieve. This makes reviewing footage arduous, especially if you are looking at footage from multiple cameras!

A forward/back 30 secs (for example) button would really help users get to the desired time.

Other solutions could include:

  • The fast foward feature will cover some of this need, but not fully.
  • Expanded / zoomed timeline (toggled by button or tap & hold)
  • Separate time selector component that can be opened (e.g. clock face)
  • Enter time manually
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The ability to expand/zoom the timeline is already there. Just use a pinch-out (two fingers spreading apart) gesture on the timeline.

Please add your comments about skip forward/back here (and VOTE for it):

Manual time entry is already covered here: