Forum Feedback Thread!


Hi, everyone!

We definitely made some major improvements with our new forum (not to toot our own horn :trumpet:). But there may be features that you want that we don’t have here yet. Or perhaps you would like to see something done a little bit differently? We can’t promise that we’ll follow everyone’s ideas and many changes that we do work on will likely take time. But we DO want to hear from you about what would make the Wyze Community the best experience possible for you. :slight_smile:

So… What do you have for us?



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Looks like there is a small bug in the general lay out of the forum?


Thanks! Will look into this.


Video in this thread does not play in Google Chrome Browser


When Someone posts a new reply , I’m Not getting email or forum ,Notifications now , From threads I previously posted in, on the old Forum


@WyzeDongsheng… it does play for me in Chrome under macOS. Maybe a Windows problem?


@HDRock, Assuming your notification settings are correct, I wonder if the watched status for old posts didn’t make it over in the migration. @WyzeMark?

(I have myself set to get notifications for pretty much everything, so I can’t really tell.)


I need to check this, I’m not sure. I’m also not seeing issues on the video so will have to look into it.


strange…I am also using a Mac. MacOS 10.13


Can you try another browser or clear your forum-related cache?


firefox works. but on Chrome, with incognito mode, it still does not play.


safari works too.


I’m not using incognito mode. That might be the difference.


The old threads are showing Tracking instead of watched


When I click on this link On my Windows 10 PC , With Chrome browser , It Does not play , it automatically downloads it, which I do not like


For reference, here are the definitions of Watching vs Tracking…

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If you click on the video link in the pasted post above, it will download. But if you click on the post title itself, it will take you to that post and the video should play in line.

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Alex what section and browser are you seeing this? I can’t replicate.


Hi. Firefox, general overview section of the forum. Not near a computer. Will try to replicate and make a second screenshot soon.