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Thanks for the reply.
CONTROL-F: As you said, entering the Control-F a second time opens the browser’s search.

Attached are two image files (screen shots).
New Message: Clicked on my user logo > Clicked on Messages envelope icon > clicked on green New Messages button at the top > opens the attached “New Message” image, which shows the “Add user” entry.

New Topic: Clicked on Community at the top left of Wyze home page > Clicked on New Topic green button on the right > opens the attached “New Topic” image, with the “Create a new Topic” link at the top. From here on I can’t seem to reproduce what I thought I had seen with the “Add a user” for a new topic. When you click on “Create a new Topic” it shows “Create a new personal message”. Maybe that’s what I did to get the “Add a user” entry box.

But now this brings up a new question: What’s the difference between a Topic and a Message. Why is the site asking me to create a “personal message” when I’m in the process of creating a Topic? How do you create a new Topic, if the topic link sends you to new personal message?

Anyway, what I said in my first post about “Website Issues” stands: all this is can be streamlined. In my experience when a user interface gets too nuanced with over-categorization, things get confusing (topics, messages, support requests).


A topic is exactly that. It lets you create a new topic in the selected category. Creating a message is a personal message. Make sure you select the correct one. Its just a modern UI that most forum platforms are going to and that adds support for mobile devices. Which a lot of the younger generation use over and above a computer with keyboard.


Thanks, but somehow when the Create Topic link makes you create a personal message, something is lost in the logic. It shouldn’t have anything to do with device type or generation. Not a good cover story. Let’s drop this. Not worth belaboring it.

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A topic is a public forum post that starts a new subject. Topics are viewable by anyone in the forum and anyone can reply.

A message is like an email directly to one or server other members. Only those members can view and reply to the message. These are also called Personal Messages or Direct Messages on other forums.

When you click the “+ NEW TOPIC” button in the open green box on the Community home page you will get this:

If you enter a title, choose a category and enter the body text, then click the “+ CREATE TOPIC” in the dark green box, that will create a new public topic.

If you click the forward arrow at the top left, you will see this:

If you then click the envelop “New message”, it will change the interface over to creating a new private message. By its very nature, a new private message will require the entry of the usernames of one or more other members to whom you wish to message privately.

To learn more about how the forum works, please start a new message addressed to “discobot” with the title and body of “start new user”. That will trigger a short tutorial.

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Read about this and it works! You can copy/paste the contents of an Excel spreadsheet into a post you’re composing and get this:

Subject SD event Tag Time Cloud Clip Sched
H Y Gr 12:03 Y
H Y Gr 12:17 Y
P Y Gr 12:37 Y
P Y Gr 12:38 cool dwn
H Y Gr 12:55 Y
H Y Gr 1:01 Y
H Y Gr 1:05 cool dwn
P Y Gr 1:28 Y
H Y Gr 1:33 Y
H Y Gr 2:14 Y
H Y Gr 2:34 Y
P Y Gr 3:31 Y
H Y Gr 3:41 Y
H Y Gr 4:50 Y
H Y Gr 4:53 cool dwn
P Gr 4:57 Y
H Y Gr 5:01 cool dwn
H Y Gr 5:09 Y
P Y Gr 5:15 Y
H Y Gr 5:26 Y
P Y Gr 5:34 Y
P Y Gr 5:35 cool dwn
P Gr 5:42 Y
H Y Gr 5:47 Y
H Gr 5:54 Y

Versus taking a screenshot of the spreadsheet in Excel, pasting it into a graphics program, cropping and saving the image, dragging/dropping it into a post, and getting this:

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search box loses some of my typing ( on ipad pro )


On other forums there is a method where the mouse is placed over the threads title and a popup contains a few lines of the beginning of the thread. This feature tends to speed up the process of looking at new threads because the reader can get a better idea of what the thread is all about. It also help the user find a thread they are looking for.

Perhaps this could be added?


I don’t know if that’s possible in Discourse, but we can ask.

@WyzeMark ??

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Can you share a sample forum software that uses this @sjgschwend


Hey all. When uploading a photo to the orignal topic post, is there a way to get the tap/click-to-zoom feature reliably? I thought maybe dragging/dropping a photo into the post did not give you zoom capability, whereas choosing Upload and selecting a photo from your device did. But it doesn’t seem to be consistent. Or maybe it’s me. :slight_smile:


You should see a preview pane on the right side. Scroll the image down until the bottom of the image clears the bottom of the preview pane and you should see the image zoom controls.



I have asked these folks to describe they tool that makes the pop-up. You can visit the site and see it work. They do list vbulletin as the software.


Experimenting… Ok, on none of the following four can I click (I’m on a desktop) on the image and have it expand to a larger version.

drag drop




drag drop reduced to 75%


upload reduced to 50%


Whereas the following two, drag drop, expand to a larger version on click.

Maybe it’s the file size / perceived resolution - if Discourse doesn’t think the original resolution can stand expanding - it don’t offer the option?

Balls at rest - 68 K - 512x341 - 24bit - 96 dpi
Wyzeguys - 523 K - 1125x616 24bit
Events table - 20K - 411x581 - 24bit



Just an update, no solution.

Six years old:

Didn’t find anything newer directly relevant searching their site:“image+handling”

These folks are duplicating (in 2013) what I’ve done here so far:

and I checked the new user guide, no joy:

Have a joyous Sunday! :slight_smile:


WyzeMark did you see my posts in response to your request? What do you think? Do you need additional help?
Here is the bit of code that is in the box, discover by using inspect element:


Is this made in BBpress?


Didn’t realize you could paste (a screenshot, for instance) directly from the OS clipboard into a post - as opposed to having to save the screenshot to a file on your system and then drag-dropping in. Nice!

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