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Question: If one goes into a rather long thread (many posts), is there an easy way to isolate what one poster has posted so it’s easier to focus on the details they’ve already included of their issue? IOW, can I just see that poster’s posts?

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Yes: click the magnifying glass, type the username in the search box and click the “Search this topic” checkbox. You will get all posts by and mentions of this username. As you click each one, it will take you to that post in context.


Thanks. I found what I wanted. If you click on the user name/icon, you’ll see just under “Message” a filter with 23 posts in topic.


Oh, yes! Even better!

So we have two ways: one that let’s you see each post in context, and one that lets you filter out only those posts. Best of both worlds.


Oooh! I didn’t know about that feature! Thanks, OverWatch! :smiley:

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absolutely love your wyze cam pan but I have a few suggestions that I think would improve it even more. Having a battery backup that would alert you to a power failure as well as keeping the camera active. Also having a built-in siren that would activate on motion detection and could be switched on or off at user discretion. Lastly, sending a text message saying what type of alert triggered the camera, ie motion, smoke, CO, or power outage.


@fmaples Please head over to the #roadmap section. All of the suggestions you mentioned have topics in #roadmap for which you can vote.

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Hi, I’m new to Wyze and the forum and I really love the whole community concept! That said, the forum kinda drives me nuts because once I select a post to view there doesn’t seem to be anyway to just go back to the previous point on the list without starting all over at the top? I know there MUST be a way to do this but I haven’t figured it out yet. Help!!!


Not sure. Once you’ve ‘read’ a post, the forum remembers how much of it you’ve read and will generally take you to the unread portion. Not really designed to go back to a particular point. In the upper right hand corner of each post their is a time marker that you can copy and use as a url if you like.


I think the easiest way to handle this is rather than just clicking/tapping on a topic, instead open the post in a new tab. Most desktop/laptop browsers have a key combo for this and in iOS tap/hold. I’m sure there’s a compatible gesture in Android.


People read this on a phone? I can’t imagine.

I’m so used to ctrl-click or right-click, it didn’t really occur to me that’s what they are asking. I open everything in a new tab.


reads message on phone :flushed:


I have a wheel mouse on my PC. The wheel also acts as a third button. If I click the wheel on a link, it opens in a new tab.

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I have an extra button on top of my Anywhere mouse that Does the same thing

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I’m a right-click PC viewer. Sorry for the frustration, @lbunbury!


Not sure if this has been posted but it would be cool to integrate forums with the app!


It’s in the plan! :smiley:


Sweet! Maybe I should read more lol.


I honestly don’t recall if it came up elsewhere. :slight_smile: