Forum Feedback Thread!



Doh !! :blush:
I found it, I never clicked on that little box Or where is says show all categories .
I assumed if it was a category it would be across the top, As of now there are only 4 categories there , Maybe you should make The icons a little smaller so all 5 fit on there


There is a “Show All Categories” button on the opening page, but it doesn’t really stand out. I agree the first page should show all categories. If necessary, I’d be in favor of dropping the video banner to make that happen.



Will look into this


I’m liking the New Layout of the community home page :+1:


Email alerts stopped coming .
I had 4 alerts on the forum from threads I am watching Today, but no email alerts From them .
Have been getting them up until today


Check your forum email settings: if you don’t have “Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site” enabled, and if you left the site active, you won’t get email notifications.


Maybe I left the page open, Not sure , I thought I had all that set, CRS, Anyway I have 4 boxes checked now, Probably be OK now


Well I had 2 Alerts on here But no emails .
I go and look, And the boxes I checked In email preferences were unchecked .
I could swear I saved the settings :anguished:
I checked the boxes again and now saved the settings 3 times .
I’ll see What happens


All is well With email alerts , Working fine now :ok_hand:
I just don’t understand why they were working fine before and then stopped working, When I never changed any thing