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Logic would be that the Categories, and the tags associated thereunder, if we are following the classic hierarchy of selecting one Category with multiple possible tags, would all be available in the drop-down selection box. But they aren’t. They are categories and tags, just not in the drop-down selection.

I can understand limiting the Wyze Only category, but it doesn’t follow organizational logic to leave out categories with tags.

No worries, I’m flummoxed by the whole thing, just trying to stay afloat. I withdraw now to allow an adult conversation to ensue. :slight_smile:

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It was a simple forum setup issue where the General Troubleshooting tag group was not authorized for the #cameras category. I have now authorized the General Troubleshooting tag group for #cameras and you should be able to edit your topic to include any of those tags.



Is there a category just for app related issues?

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No there isn’t. You can see the full list of categories here: Categories - Wyze Forum.

The forum is organized around product and service categories. The app itself is not a product or service and supports all of them. We could, of course, create a category just for the app, but that could create other organizational issues (like lots of topics created in an “app” category that really belong in one of the other categories. This organization of the forum isn’t perfect, but I think it best fits the needs of the community.


Gotcha. App is in a supporting role… But it is, in and of itself, a massive central hub in the product pinwheel.

No worries. Posts will still find their way onto the board.


Hi, I don’t see the option to reply privately to a post (DM) where I remember it being. Anyone else seeing it and can post a screenshot of location? Thanks


Click on the user PFP then Click message to DM from a post


Thanks, man! Thought I remembered being able to create a DM from any post (including my own) that included a link to the post “in re”… Maybe not. :man_shrugging:  

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You are most Welcome.

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You can’t use this method to DM a quick link of your own post since you can’t DM yourself. If you want to DM User1 but include a link to User2’s post, I think the easiest way to do that is to use this method to start a DM to User2 from their post. Then change out the recipient from User2 to User1.

If you want to DM someone with a link to your post, I think the easiest way to do that is to click the timestamp on your post. This will popup a link to the post like this:


Copy it (click the copy button to the right of the URL) and paste it into a DM to the user using the above method.

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I just want it to be the way I remembered it. Can you make it be like that? :wink:

Seriously, thanks all :+1: I’m ready to go for my next sub-rosa missive!

This might require an answer from @Loki but I’m totally happy for anyone to answer too.

The /u appendage (ie: ) has always displayed 7 different stats in it like these:

As of today it has suddenly switched to only showing “solutions”:

Is there a way to switch this back, or to tell it to show other stats again instead? Is this something that Discourse changed, or did we make a change to the forum settings intentionally or by accident?

As a data nerd, I really enjoyed those stats. Sad to see them disappear.


I found the problem and fixed it. I have no idea how it got changed.

Good catch, by the way. :slight_smile:


My question would be how does that happen arbitrarily my feeling is that it was changed by somebody in the development area without annotating why or informing people that it was going to happen. It’s things like this that cast doubt on the credibility of the company

This happens when the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing!! This has been an on-going problem ever since this “beta” testing started over nine months ago.

Thanks Loki! It’s even better now! That link didn’t used to have solutions listed on it, and now we have all the stuff we used to plus that extra field added as a bonus now too! I love it! Thanks for checking into it and making it even better as usual. :+1:


It truly is a shame because the potential for greatness is there I don’t think it’s a hardware issue I think it’s a software issue and the company that grew too big too fast and doesn’t know how to relate to the customer based

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This has nothing to do with Wyze software. The forum is hosted by Discourse and it is their software that operates it. None of the admins changed it, so it is likely that it was just a glitch on Discourse’s end. Since it was easy to fix, there’s no point in making people pore through logs and spend time to track down the cause. If it happens again, we’ll investigate further.


Thank you lucky for the answer obviously I was under the assumption that this was a Wyze sponsored forum and you’ve cleared that issue up however my comments still apply to the Wyze forums