Forum Feedback Thread!


There’s one in every crowd…:monkey: Good advice though

Wyze adjusted some things such as adding other product categories so this got delayed but it’s in the works! I’m adjusting the doc for review and then we’ll be making progress on it again. :slight_smile:


I suggest that Wyze actually respond to some of the issues/questions in the forum. For example, the topics regarding the Vacuum have a number of questions about how things are supposed to work, but no certain answers. Some information from Wyze about how to best do initial mapping and what features are coming eventually (no date needed) would be most helpful. For example, will there be 1) spot cleaning 2) Multiple floor support, etc.

I’d suggest you search for answers and ask your vacuum related questions here:

I’m sure a Wyze employee or helpful community member will help you find the answer or answer.