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What happened to the Wyze community app? I got a new phone which has Android 11. When I switched everything over the app disappeared. Looked for it on the app store and did not find it. Or an I just crazy and only just had the website on my home screen haha.

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Maybe it was just a shortcut to the URL? Ya, just crazy :crazy_face:

Haha thanks, figured that’s what it was.

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Have you considered a forum reorganization by device type … or at least adding each device type as its own category? As soon as we enter, we’re usually greeted with the Latest posts, 90% of which lately (slight exaggeration) are related to the Wyze thermostat. It’s become tedious looking for much of anything else.

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That is one doooozy of an idea. Hope some Wyzebody reads it.

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Recommend to have Feedback Thread “tagged” by categories (e.g., Device feedback, Features Requests/Recommendations, etc…), then by sub-categories (e.g., Wyze Cam V2, Wyze watch, Wyze thermostat, etc…). This way it’ll make it easier for people to find discussion threads that they’re interested in.


I suggested the same thing months ago and was told it was going to happen. Hopefully by the end of 2021 we’ll see some movement on that.

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Watched it no problem. Windows 10 Chrome.

I cannot figure out how to search thru the forum. I see no search box or other function. I am looking for an alternate way to mount an outdoor cam (the actual outdoor cam, not an indoor one).

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You can use the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner to search.

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Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right…

Click more to bring up a complete list:

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Beat me… :rofl:

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OR if you use Google you can try the Google search with the form:
**key word" site:url of site"

“mount outdoor cam” site:


So you have to get into a topic to see the search? I wanted to search everything to see if my question was already out there. I don’t want to search every single topic…

Thanks. That is a good option.

It works for many sites and then you can use Google to sort the results into time classes.
Past hour
Past 24 hours
Past week
Past month
Past year
Custom range

Yeah, thanks. Good to know!

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What is it you want to do? If you tell us your end game we may be able to offer up suggestions