Forum Feedback Thread!

No, the profile picture in the top corner is not appearing for some people.

This is a bug you may have not gotten an email about it.

British background?

Everything is back to normal!
Try refreshing the page and post here if you’re still having issues.

It appeared for me all morning. In fact I clicked it early to get to my bookmarks.

Apparently it was working in Dark or Light themes.

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Ah, I use the dark theme. Easier on my old eyes.

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I find that the Wyze theme is problematic at best.

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I see that word everywhere on this forum🙂

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Truth :rofl:

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The top bar is now “stuck” for some users when using Safari on IOS devices.
That is being worked on!
Update: Solved for now.


Not for the Wyze theme. The light and dark are correct. I also use safari for iOS.


Specifically? There are soooo many choices


Really like the summarize thread feature and of course the pan cam post of the opossum in the crawlspace … fun fun

Too bad you don’t still have fewer products. Then focus could be put on the products needing attention going back to v2 the 2nd product ever released. Still waiting for vid/sound to match on playback. But hey who needs that when I can measure my fitness level while standing on a scale controlling my sprinklers. Three items I never knew I couldn’t live without. Thank God they were released i could of died. And who knew I wouldn’t be very good at reading lips. Being a IOT only company, the only way to get proper video/sound match is to pull SD card and insert it into pc. Now that is 100% IOT!

It’s trying to force me to download the video. It’s not playing in the Sammy browser

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